Nicole Chilton is creating Workbooks and Workshops for Creative Dreamers.

Alpha Dreamer

$1 /mo
  • Access to patron-only content
  • Sneak peek photos of upcoming releases
  • Patron-only polls

Theta Dreamer

$5 /mo
  • High-quality download of Dream Diary pages or a Creative Prompt activity (.jpg, .mp3)
  • Plus all previous rewards

Delta Wave Dreamer

$10 /mo
  • Dream Diary postcard, mailed to you
  • Creative Prompt Activity mailed to you
  • Plus all previous rewards

Delta Sleep Dreamer

$20 /mo
  • Weekly acknowledgement in my e-newsletters, "Tapioca Dance" AND "Wooing Creativity"
  • small work of ORIGINAL art by me, mailed to you (no larger than 5"x7")
  • Plus all previous rewards

REM Dreamer

$50 /mo
  • Thank you in acknowledgement section of final published version
  • One PERSONALIZED dream illustration per month, with high-quality image sent to you digitally
  • Plus all previous rewards