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Managing the hell out of life
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Each month I will be sharing an intimate and personal story  - raw, honest and unfiltered. 

Truth is more powerful than judgement and regret more persuasive than fear. 

I have chosen to take off my armour, to live my life as an open book, in the hope my truth can helps others embrace their's and together we can all define a more humane and sustainable reality. 

With truth comes connection - deep and meaningful human connection. The balm we are all so sorely in need of right now. 

In amidst my challenges, I have found my tools and techniques, from my management consultancy days, invaluable in helping me navigate my way though this mad thing we call life. 

Each month I will address a subject and talk openly and honestly about how I got through it. I will share my lessons, my observations, my successes, my failures and the tools that helped me, often in the darkest and most vulnerable periods of my life - because that is often where we grow the most and perversely, become the most liberated. Mortality is by far the greatest teacher of perspective and priorities. 

These subjects are simply defined by life as it happens - parenting, depression, grief, marriage, addiction, the menopause, to name but a few. It all depends on what hits me and when. But what I have learnt is that in the midst of chaos, it is so important to know and embrace your truth - warts and all. 

So, please join me on a courageous voyage of discovery, shake your world until nothing but the truth remains, remove the shackles of judgement and release every ounce of your potential, in order to live your life, as fully and beautifully, as possible.

That’s how we change the world, one honest story at a time.




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My passion, the thing that gets me out of bed everyday, is to simply empower everyone, to 'show up and own up' as themselves. 

Not to be scared of what others think.

Not to allow judgement or social norms, to restrict their passion and creativity.

Not to loose parts of their soul along the way and only realise they have done so, when it is too late to get it back.

Don't just challenge the status quo - smash it into pieces, with the raw beauty, truth and inspiration, of what it truly means to be a human being living life fully, not caged by optical illusions and meaningless bullsh•t.

Get out there, take your space, use your voice, be yourself and shake your world, until only the truth remains. 

And to that end, I’m a sharer - I share all of my experiences, good and bad. I share because not sharing hurts me and it hurts others. It feeds a false reality, where people are hoodwinked into living up to a set of standards, that simply do not exist. I share because I don’t want anyone else to feel alone, isolated and broken.

I guess in a nutshell, I am about helping organisations and people, to redefine what makes us all a true success, to live more authentic, purposeful and truthful lives, to be whole and to be able to lead from the heart with vulnerability, empathy and trust.

If you would like to know more about my reality then pop along to my website, sign up for my newsletter or just browse the content at your leisure or drop me a line - I love having conversations, connection is what life is all about.

The website is full of random thoughts, observations, stories, inspiration, but most of all, real content about real life, that means something to someone and there is no bull sh•t.

But please don't take my word for it, here's what some of my friends have to say about me:

"The world needs more people like Nik, who find a way to turn their work into a force, that changes the world for the better. As a select Member of our Featured Contributors Panel, Nik’s extraordinary candour, reaches out to our global audience, with a level of intelligence and refinement, that inspires positive action. By doing so, she makes our world better, by beaming messages that help us all become better workers, better friends, and just better people."
Dennis J. Pitocco, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

I first met Nik when she came to the Intelligencia Club, a leaders dinner series that I was, at the time, struggling to sustain my energy and motivation for, despite its popularity. Nik courageously and energetically came on board to help me to grow the community and without her input it wouldn’t have survived. She is a great strategic thinker and a creative business planner. She is empathetic, collaborative and huge fun to work with. And she is a survivor and an emotional risk taker - the best kind of leader and human being in my book - Nik knows pain, suffering and she channels this to be vulnerable and build deep and meaningful connection with colleagues and clients. We need more of her kind in business"

Amanda Davie, Director of Equal Talent, Founder of The Intelligencia Club

"Nik is an exceptional human being who I would wholeheartedly recommend without reservation. She brings a real passion and drive to everything she does. Nik has an amazing ability to connect at a deeply human level with others. She inspires people to achieve more than they thought they could. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Nik successfully balances a focussed, results driven approach with high level people skills. Her level of insight and emotional intelligence is a real gift, and she shares these gifts freely and selflessly in order to benefit others. Nik achieves all of this with a relaxed, warm and friendly manner which makes her a joy to work with."

Kevin Miller Managing Director, Apex Human Resources

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