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About Nikachu

Hey Fish Fam! I am Merfolk Master Jonathon "Nikachu" Zaczek. I play the Merfolk archetype competitively for Magic: the Gathering at I play to win. I want my YouTube channel to be a valuable asset for your journey as you progress in Magic: the Gathering.

I am a streamer on Twitch but I have two YouTube channels: NikachuMTG (news, strategy, deck techs) and Nikachu MTG Streams. Combined I offer competitive Merfolk gameplay videos, competitive MTG strategysideboard guides, "Drama Deck Techs"MTG news discussion, and Interviews with other MTG Masters. I also have a daily talk show "Coffee and MTG" where I do Q&A and Decklist Review. If any of those are valuable to you, then maybe you would like to consider supporting my content!

My content is unique because I am devoted to winning with Merfolk; I have for 7 years now. As the metagame changes, I adapt to it; you'll get my insight to what I'm preparing for so you can be prepared as well; regardless of what archetype you play yourself.

Money earned through Patreon will support:
Me! So I can continue to keep making this content for you :)
I also have two cats: Chubby Meatball and Salud. You help feed them; they love food :)

Current Benefits for joining me on Patreon (pending tier):

1) Access to Discord which gives access to Merfolk Sideboard Guides and the Fish Fam community. Find a link tot he discord here:
If you have trouble accessing the discord, please follow these steps to connect your discord to Patreon:

2) Signed cards

Thank you very much to all my fans, it's your support that keeps the channel going!
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Time for a new card primer!

My Merfolk card primer series is very popular because I concretely describe the use of an individual card in detail. I will continue to make individual card primers anyway, but their frequency won't be often. Examples of my card primers can be found here:
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