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About Niklák

I provide a bunch of stuff for others to see, use, etc.
But I do that in my own spare time and for free. I am not actually saying that it's not fun, or that i dislike it, but it certainly is not profiting. That's why I need you, all the amazing people out there, who like what I do and who want to support me! So I can survive the freezing winter nights.

I am basically trying to do everything, because creativity is fun and my life would be empty without that.

For now, I am on the edge of extinction. And as such, I will try to make my website fully available as soon as possible with integrated Patreon support. 
Now comes the catch. I will share all my projects and stuff for free, you can use it to do whatever you wish. But - the bonus stuff, will be available only to Patreons after login.

I also do cosplay, photography, art, programming, crafting ... (Did I say I want to do everything? Because I sure do.)

Love ya all. Don't forget to visit for all the related stuff.

$0 of $1 per month
Off to a good start i believe.

This should make me believe in great future and make me actually more motivated to do more!
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