Nino Satori is creating A long running Comic Series and ABDL Art.

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Thank you so much~
$1 or more per month 2 patrons
I'm sorry I can't offer anything for 1$ but Every Penny helps and you just gave me 100! so I graciously appreciate it~
Full Access
$3 or more per month 8 patrons
Pretty self-explanatory~ All stuff from stream sketches to full color pics, to finished comic pages will be posted here.
WIP Access!
$5 or more per month 20 patrons
Early Access to ALL of my content as I make progress on em~ Comic page previews, Color reward WIPs ect~ All yours.

Ask a character!
$15 or more per month 5 of 10 patrons
With this Tier you may ask a Character in the Comic a question and I'll draw a response for it, at most these will be most likely quickly colored sketches, to get the point across.
A Good Read!
$20 or more per month 0 patrons
Can't wait for the comic pages? Wanna see what happens in the Chapter and leave your lil imagination to do the heavy lifting when it comes to imagery? Then this is the tier slot for you! Once people start pledging I'll post a Google Drive Link to the Current Chapter being worked on art wise, don't want you getting too far ahead now~ <3
Silver Nino Tier!
$45 or more per month 2 of 5 patrons
-1 flat colored one-character comission a month and a nice little shout out on posts~
Golden Nino Tier!
$100 or more per month 1 patrons (sold out!)
-Wow!! Thank you so much! For your devoted support you get a Monthly 2 Character Smooth Shade color Commission, with any details you can think of!