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Get-out-of-guilt Club: By supporting us at $1 a month, you can rest assured your guilt is safe with us. We promise we won't sell your guilt to anyone else! You can now sleep once again, kn...

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Mocha-a-Month Club: For the price of one mocha choca lata ya ya, you can really help out the site you love (or hate). You will get a special Patreon Supporter award in your user profile!

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Play Contra Club: You're way too busy to read the forums to know when the next donation drive is, so to heck with it, just take my fiver now and be gone! In addition to the above...

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Cheaper than Netflix: OK, so we're not exactly... Netflix, but we do have a site full of hairy, unshaven, nerds that love to play video games, and tons of content to boot. What more could you want?...

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Hidden Gem: The feeling is mutual, really. You just have that thing about you. Oh, and in addition to the above, you will receive a special NintendoAge sticker. Whee!

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Magnetic Personality: Not really, but whatever, we won't judge you either way. In addition to the above, you will, however, get a cool NintendoAge magnet. Now you just need a fridge to go with it (...

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I-sell-way-too-much-crap-on-the-site-not-to-donate Club: We know your income is supplemented by the site and know you would cry like a little schoolgirl if the site ever shut down. We know who ...

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My Little Project (MLP) Club: We aren't anywhere nearly as cool as Bronies, some of the projects released on the site are, and have a whole lot o magic. Your gaming-related project will also get a ...

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Affiliate Club: In addition to the above, you will be given exclusive access to new feature development and will be given the opportunity to place your banner (must be video gaming related, subject...

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Because I Can Club: It's pretty lonely at the top, but damn it's a nice view. In addition to the above, you'll get a spot on our new Hall of Fame wall (with a permanent link back to your site), as ...