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Thank you so much for supporting me! I am sorry it seems like nothing but it truly means so much to me that you'd even give anything at all, thank you. As a thanks you get access to my Patreon exclusive feed! What's on it you ask?

- Work in progress photos of the projects I am...well working on at the moment.


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Hello to all the Shadows! This tier is what my patreon is all about, teaching you new things! With this tier you get...
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About NipahDUBS

My purpose for being here is short and sweet. For years I have been cosplaying, learning and growing as a cosplayer, from those years I have taught myself and learned many things from the wonderful people around me. I have been asked for so long to have a place where I can share what I know and make tutorials for others in order to help the community and those who support me grow and learn as well. What I will be posting here mostly will be tutorials and work logs, things that will help benefit you as a fellow cosplayer/crafter. I do hope you take the time to look around and please, do not feel pressured to give any amount that you cannot, I will still be posting some of my tutorials on my other social media, this just for those who want a more in-depth look and more exclusive content.

                                                                       What to expect?

Every month I will have a new worklog or tutorial out for you guys! A majority of my videos will be on the topic of wigs and how to style them, as well as full worklogs on specific characters hair and how I go from styling them from the base wig all the way to the end product! Asides from wig tutorials/vlogs I will also upload to tutorials on some other aspects of cosplay/tips and tricks that I have learned that have made my life so much easier in this intense hobby, including armor/prop making, sewing and all different forms of crafting. I will also do photo editing showcases to show you guys how I add some different effects to my photo like fire, magic, lightning and all those things that just make your photos come to life!

 Photo Editing

Wig Styling

Cosplay Tutorials


Why Patreon?
For years I have been asked to hold classes of some kind or make tutorials, though I never had a medium I felt worked out well enough to do this. Patreon just seems like the perfect fit to have my own personalized classes for you guys! The sole purpose of this whole thing it to teach and no matter if you decide to become a patreon or not your support/love are my fuel to keep going and striving to better myself as an artist. Thank you for taking the time to check out all this and hopefully I am able to help you learn a thing or two you may not have known before!

Wanna see some of my Cosplay work live? Follow my Twitch!
PO Box 842
Round Lake, Illinois
  1. Zenyatta write up
  2. Dabi makeup 
  3. Miraculous Ladybug Wig
  4. My Hero Academia gym uniform
  5. Photo editing: Fire Effects
  6. Painting Wigs
  7. KH2 Sora Shoes
  8. Faux hairline for wigs
  9. KH3 Sora Hoodie
  10. KH3 Sora gloves/shoes
  11. FFXV Ignis wig
  12. Squall Gunblade
  13. FFXV Prompto wig
  14. Photo Editing: Green Screen
  15. KH3 Riku wig
  16. KH3 Riku pants
  17. Angel wings
  18. KH3 Riku Keyblade
  19. How to cosplay on a budget: Thrifting!
  20. KH3 Rikus jacket/gloves
  21. KH2 Sora wig
  22. How to make foam look like leather
  23. Jim Hawkins wig
  24. Using 3D software for cosplay refs
  25. Breath of the Wild: Link wig
  26. All about dyes/dying clothes and wigs
  27. Photo editing: Greenscreen PART II
  28. Elias skull 
  29. KHBBS Aqua wig
  30. Painting your shoes/boots
  31. How to plan/start your cosplay
  32. How to resin cast/make a mold
  33. KH3 Sora wig
  34. Pirate Sora tutorial PART ONE
  35. Pirate Sora tutorial PART TWO
  36. DBH Connor wig
  37. Pirate Sora Tutorial PART THREE
  38. Pirate Sora keyblade
  39. Connor LED tutorial
  40. Xayah Wig tutorial
  41. Long wig to short tutorial
  42. Painting and weathering leather
  43. Making shoe covers
  44. Roxas wig tutorial
  45. Armor bracer tutorial
  46. How to dirty/grunge your cosplay
  47. How to make fake patches
  48. Ashe OVERWATCH wig tutorial
  49. Ashe OVERWATCH armor tutorial
  50. Ashe OVERWATCH gun tutorial
  51. Ashe OVERWATCH fabric/sewing tutorial
  52. How to remove backgrounds from your photos
  53. How to add in a new background to your photos
  54. Painting a wig with fabric dye!
  55. How to style a ponytail wig
  56. Curl wig spiking tutorial - Marluxia
  57. Custom painting/Pants altering tutorial + Faux patchwork
  58. Using 3d models to help your crafting (UPDATED)
  59. Detailed shoe altering tutorial
  60. Poseable cat ears tutorial!
  61. KH Leon Cosplay write up tutorial
  62. EASIEST LED tutorial
  63. Flynn Rider doublet tutorial
  64. Aymeric Armor write up
  65. Emet-Selc Wig tutorial
  66. All about foam! What foams best for you?
  67. How to work with and style a Party city wig
  68. How to make a realistic animal prop tutorial (Carbuncle)
  69. Suneater FULL cosplay tutorial
  70. SFX realistic scars tutorial
  71. Harleys FUN GUN tutorial
  72. Among Us Plush pattern
  73. Rapunzel wig tutorial
  74. Photo editing (Remove things from photos easily)
  75. Cosplay belt hack
  76. Styling big bangs tutorial (Ariel)
  77. Cloud wig tutorial
  78. Inosuke mask tutorial
  79. Allister cosplay tutorial (Screenprintint)
  80. Cloud wig tutorial
  81. The Disney Bang (Ariel wig tutorial)
  82. Photo editing (remove unwanted things easily)
  83. How to make a Rapunzel wig for $60
  84. Among Us Plush pattern
  85. Harley Fun Gun tutorial
  86. Itadori wig tutorial
  87. Photography breakdown (Itadori)
  88. Warrior of Light Pauldron Tutorial
  89. How to make cheap chainmail
  90. Warrior of Light Paladin Shield Tutorial
  91. How to easily paint your gems/resin
  92. Chesplate tutorial
  93. WoL Gloves/Shoes tutorial
  94. WoL Sword tutorial
  95. WoL Cloak tutorial

86% complete
First goal is quite a big one but one that'll help me create better content for everyone. An actual camera to record better quality videos/take better cosplay photos with! For now I record all my videos on my phone/webcam, while that is fine I would love to upgrade so I can document my cosplay progress better and also so I can produce better looking shoots.

EDIT:: Due to a wager I have with ModeratelyOkayCosplay, he for some reason wants me to cosplay as Tamatoa (The giant crab) from Moana! So if we reach this first goal I will also cosplay him.
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