NitenGale is creating Illustrations, Characters, and Commissions

Junior Supporters

$1 /mo
I appreciate your pledge and thank you for assisting me get one step closer to my goals! Whenever I post character designs on my Patreon, you will receive a high res copy of it!

Lineart and Sketches

$3 /mo
Whenever I post a picture to my Patreon, you will also receive the sketches, lineart, flat colors (if any), in addition to the final piece so you can see how I clean up my work. 


$5 /mo
 In addition to the other rewards, you will receive 2 uncensored NSFW illustrations per month. This also includes the lineart and sketches if it interests you!


$20 /mo
You get a sketched portrait of whatever person or character you like! After you become a patron of this tier, message me on my NitenGale facebook page with the name that you used to pledge and with...