NoAudiophile is creating Speaker Reviews

$2 /mo
I will fill out a form letter with your name and email it to you. You can then print it out frame it, or just keep it in your pocket to show all your friends.

$5 /mo
Membership into the association for the advancement of good sound. Benefits include a membership card that you can print, and inclusion in any liquidation drawings as long as your ...

$15 /mo
Early access to reviews as I work on them.

$30 /mo
If you provide a photo of your stereo setup I will post it on the site and make fun of it publicly.

$100 /mo
If you take the measurements I'll workup a first draft DSP correction for your speakers/system. Also, I will burn a pair of Dayton B652 speakers in your honor, and post a video of the event on YouT...