LiA Lindsaychen is creating Tales of Insecurity PODCAST

I will say thank you:

$1 /mo
it will go something like this: wow, I really appreciate that dollar you gave me, let me thank you for it: that dollar will help me to do the following: continue to live. Thanks!

I can send you some music

$9.99 /mo
Tales of Insecurity features original music, and you can have it, if you want. Every now and then, I'll send you a CD in the mail, and even better, versions of songs without my utilitarian but ulti...

Let's be acquaintances

$10 /mo
Tell me your name. I will try to remember it. Mine's LiA. Or Leah, really. Leah Lindsay, as of now. I'm choosing to combine my surname with my partner's ahead of our inevitable marriage because her...

Let's be friends

$20 /mo
I don't return anyone's calls, really. I'm terrible. But if you give me money, I will whore myself out to you some way or another, the way a church does. I will care about your problems and listen ...

I don't know, sex work?

$100 /mo
If I'm providing emotional labor in exchange for money, I guess I have to set some boundaries. I don't know, what are you into? Have you been tested? Is this going to get my page flagged as adult c...