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About NoEdge

Hi everyone,
let me start by saing that, some time ago I bought a 3d printer.
After a few tries, was delighted with the possibilities, I've printed a lot but at some point I was sad, mostly because I always been a fan of the mecha genre and that currently in the existing STL distribuition sites there are very little or almost none 3d printable models related to mechs.

I work in the entertainment industry i.e. video games, thanks to that I'm very used to modeling this kinds of things, but also I see this good opportunity to use my interest and experience to make new kits for everyone so we all can enjoy them with our own printers.

Personally have a soft spot for those bubble head chibi designs, but so much more it can be done! I'm a gundam collector myself, and I see the 3D printed as a great complementary tool for us. What I mean by that, is allowing us to complete our models or make variations with parts that were never released and probably never will.

That is my goal.

Besides making occasionally stand alone chibi models, I want to make conversions sets for my models, whether it will be new weapons, heads, armor or anything else, with a bit of ingenuity it can be done!

Also, all the kits I aim to make are designed to be printable by standard Fused deposition modeling (FDM), so anyone can enjoy them, but at the same time also detailed and precise that as the technology evolves, they will be as indistinguishable from a standard injection part.

So if you like the idea, please support me and I’ll be sure to make our collections more complete and unique.

Follow the latest developments here:

As for all the kits I have currently available, you can find them in here:

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