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Every little bit helps, and as the channel grows so will the rewards.
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For $5 you will be able to join suggestion polls. This will allow you to suggest and vote for games you would like to see on my channel. 
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For $10 you will be able to submit a shoutout sentence (~25 words) every month for me to say during a monthly Patreon thanks video.  (no hate speech of any kind, limited profanity, and just use common sense. )

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My name is Stephen and I make videos as the Youtuber Noesanity. (No E-Sanity... like E-Mail)

I focus on video game let's plays and character guides geared towards players who want to dip their toes in the water but not be boated into a meta.

Your contributions will allow me to be able to grow and expand my channel while doing something I love.  Playing video games.

While I might not be the best gamer I have a burning passion that has led me to play video games my entire life, culminating in the combination of this my youtube channel and my education in video games and the computer sciences. (I am a senior at Full Sail University)   With you by my side, I hope to make my knowlege of video games mixed with my joy of gaming become an enjoyable and enlightening experience for all of us. And, obviously to Have Fun.
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My first Patreon, hopefully the first of many. 
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