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Tier 1  - my VISION tribe - help to create the solid foundation upon which the Heart Home Hub is built.  

In return for your valued support you receive : : 

>> Entry to our private Patrons-only Facebook space in which the following are shared : 
  • Card Of The Week : Every Monday a card is drawn which serves as our focus / theme / journaling prompt for the week ahead.
  • BTS (Behind The Scenes) posts, photos and videos, from biz related stuff, to my nature walks, planning, art, (even the shenanigans of the pets I am looking after when I am house sitting!).
  • Livestreams - sometimes BTS updates from me about Patreon or upcoming events, sometimes art-a-longs. I like touching base with you in this more personal way.

>> RESONATE : A monthly vision pages practice in which we start with a blank book in April and allow our dreams and our magic to unfold before our very eyes over the course of the year ahead. At the end of the year we will have a deliciously filled, colourful, vibrant vision book that is alive with the resonance of the life we are creating for ourselves.  You can join my Patreon at any time of the year because all 12 sessions from the whole year are available to you for as long as you are a patron.  Any sessions you have already missed are instantly available to you when you join.

>> + Bonus surprises here and there to thank you for your patronage at various milestones.  Gifts from digital goodies to real life snail mail and original art made by yours truly. 
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Tier 1 (VISION) is the foundation for the dream. 

Tier 2 (CREATE) breaths life into that dream and helps it begin to grow. 

YOU, my Beloveds, truly help The Heart Home Hub to shift from the dream space, into reality in the 3D world. 

Here is where we make shizz happen people!   

And in return I offer you : :

>>  *ALL* of the Rewards for Tier 1 

>> + PLUS!!  Coffee, Chats & Creativity! Our monthly live hang-out in which we work on our creative projects together (me on live video stream and you watching me and chatting to me - if you want - through the live chat function, (no need to be on camera if you're shy) while you either create along side me, or just bring along your beverage of choice and use the opportunity to relax and watch me. 

>> + Plus!! Discounts on (& sometimes free access to) online workshops, e-courses, services and product offerings (Reiki Healing, Mixed Media art and handmade items, card readings, EFT & life coaching sessions).

Community VIP
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Now you're talking!

All of the rewards from the VISION & CREATE tiers, plus a whole heap of extra love, appreciation and gratitude from me.

Plus! FREE entry into the next live round of my online small art / postcard art-making workshop 'cARTe postale'.

Plus!! either drastically reduced, or in some cases completely FREE access to my offerings, from group programmes and ecourses, to readings, coaching and healing.

I am blown away that folks have asked for this added option.  
I am quite speechless. Thank you so so very much. 

To say thank you, VIPs who have been with me for more than six months will receive special VIP discounts to my in-person offerings once I have settled in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. 

I do hope I get to see you in person at one of my events or retreats, and in the mean time I simply adore connecting with and engaging with you inside of the Nomad Dreams community.

Connection and a sense of belonging is truly where it's at huh?

Thank you so much for being here,




per month


Helloooo!  And thank you *SO* much for being here (mmwah!)   xxx

I'm Angela, a holistic life coach, EFT practitioner, Reiki healer, oracle card reader and mixed media artist  (yes, a multi-passionate-preneur!) who took to the road in December 2014 to live the nomadic life.

As a UK House & Pet Sitter, I look after people's homes, plants and animals while they are away on holiday. 

Shortly before I took to the road I discovered my passion for creating messy, texture-rich Mixed Media Art, Paintings, Dreamcatchers, handmade art journals - all that good stuff. 

I quickly realised that my creativity 'hobby' was very similar to the vision pages process that I was already using - for myself and with my coaching clients - in that its primary benefit was *not* in trying to create some kind of pretty end result, but rather the gifts which came from the process itself. 

Intuitively-led creativity fed me, stimulated and relaxed my mind, increased my energy levels, and put me into a state of flow that was quite different to any of my other practices.   It gave fuel to my mind, body & spirit and - therefore - my business.  

After 4 years of full time nomadic life, exploring my own 'Nomad Dreams', I shifted from full time to part time house/pet sitting, giving myself larger chunks of time between the pet sits to grow my business Nomad Dreams with the help of Patreon, and to spend time with my community, my tribe. 

I now want to take everything that I have learned while living my WILD & FREE life and cultivate a new vision of what an abundant life means to me - simple, heart-centred, community-focused living ~ with a gorgeous light and bright studio to create in pretty please!  ;o)

I adore spending time with animals but I truly missed the rich human interactions and soul work which is done in community, and in circle, rather than in isolation.

And I know that so many of my dear friends who have followed my adventures, also yearn for those deeper connections.  We have all made such wonderful soul sisters and soul friends on the internet. 

Meeting with one another online enables us to easily gravitate towards our kindreds, and not be limited by our geography.  Virtual gatherings, workshops and ecourses also makes all of my work and play available to folks with differing abilities, those with chronic illness, those who are housebound.

I believe that for those of us who are able to connect with people face-to-face (pandemics permitting!) that now is the time that we use all of that yummy energy we have built up from connecting with our kindreds online, and found those Kindreds in the flesh, in person, in our local areas. I want my own home now. I yearn for it intensely. AND. It will be the home of my begin reaching out locally to us, to find those kindred spirits we can connect with in the flesh.

I want my life and business, my work and play, to involve all aspects of growth and connectivity and belonging ~ virtual classes and gatherings and experiences, and also in-person workshops, circles, and retreats.


I see my next static home as :: 
The Heart of my soul based business.
The Hub of my community - the Nomad Dreams tribe - as well as the hub of my business. 
The Home of my heart / the Home of my biz / the home of my art.

For those reasons and more I am calling it my HEART HUB HOME / Heart Home Hub!

And I want YOU to help me create it.

I want us to co-create this together, whether you will visit me one day or whether you will remain a virtual member of my community, each and every one of you is important and has a role to play in how this whole space evolves.
I want to hear from you.
I want to know what you need.
What I can do more of / less of.  What you get the most value from. 

It is you, my patrons, who will have fly-on-the-wall access to the entire journey from dreaming and visioning through to manifestation and creation. 

Let us together turn this Heart Hub Home from the seedling of an idea, into a dream and vision, fine-tuning this vision along the way with our online events and then when we reach the 200 patrons mark, we will begin the process of finding the perfect property for the HHH in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales (North England). 

I will take you through the property search, you will house-hunt with me, share your opinions, and together we will secure this property, nurture it, love it up and beautify it, turning it into the place that it is destined to become.

A place in which I will live, work, play and create, yes.
But also a place from which we will all circle for beautiful retreats, healing circles, and creative workshops - both off and online.

For my dreams of online and in-person circles, playshops and retreats to become a reality, I need a place of my very own in which I have the time and space to make it all happen. Holding space for myself fills up my cup so that I might most effectively hold space for you, my Soul Sisters. 

A space of my very own in which I can devote the majority of my living space to my first very own Art Studio (eeeeeep!) and Healing Space

{no television room for me thank you very much. This girl has shizz to do and like-minded souls to gather with!}

As a Patron, you will get the behind-the-scenes scoop, snippets, video diaries etc.

It is you guys who get to co-create this vision with me and even get a say in which property I go for - when we reach the level of monthly income that can support the Heart Home Hub. 

I also draw an oracle card for us all every Monday - our Card Of The Week - which serves as a theme and a guide. We also occasionally have some journaling prompts based on this card.

These benefits go to each and every patron. As does membership to our Patrons-only private Facebook Group where we all hang out and chat together. This will also be where I post any bonus content that works better on FB than it does here (e.g. livestreaming). 

For those of you who choose to sign up at the $6 level, you get all of that plus my year long vision book online programme, RESONATE.

While you help me to vision and to bring my visions to life, please allow me to in turn help you create your own visions for how you want your life to look and FEEL. Resonance Pages are imbued with how we wish to feel inside of our lives.  So surprise yourself and delight yourself and keep discovering and learning more about your unique brand of magic.

RESONATE. Both on the page and in your life. 
Monthly vision sessions, prompts and inspiration.

Want to take your RESONATE experience to a whole other level?

Then sign up at the $12 tier and you not only get access to all that I have already mentioned, including RESONATE, but also we will gather together virtually (me via livestream and you via the chat thread - no need to be on camera)  once a month for COFFEE, CHATS & CREATIVITY in which you can come along and create something right along with me, or you can just chat with me while you watch me work on a project.

And you have access to the replay if you aren't able to attend live of course too.  

The major issue for Solo-preneurs like myself (who also just happen to be single and are so done with the house sharing malarky) who are not just self employed but who are 'Creative Entrepreneurs', is that we do not look good financially on paper - not one bit. We cannot guarantee a minimum monthly income amount and stability.  Letting agents and landlords therefore do. not. want. to know! 
I am literally not eligible for a rental agreement. 

I have learnt over the years to catch my I can'ts and transform them into How can I's.   The way I envision being able to attain a rental agreement - or buy a property of my own -  is to have plenty of cash saved up so that I am simply able to pay that entire initial six month minimum term of the contract (plus all deposits and arrangement fees) all entirely up front.  Being able to show some consistency of income would also happen be an added benefit because that in itself improves a self-employed person's credit score.  

I feel really good about entering into an agreement for a bricks & mortar property, from a place of abundance and not stretching beyond my means.  
This is the most healthy and vibrant energy from which to create art, work the biz, give healing to my clients, nurture my peeps, and so on.  

So here is how we can build a *beautiful* win-win together, which in turn just so happens to be a wonderful way for us to foster community, connect deeply and authentically as a tribe of like-minded individuals.

The more Patrons who join the Nomad Dreams family, the closer we get to the HEART HOME HUB. 

In the mean time, while this community expands, we are having fun together, getting to know one another, and growing in strength together as a community. A tribe of folks who adore animals, wildlife and nature, who are intrigued by all things creative, and who feel a calling towards personal development, living with consciousness and awareness, and taking responsibility for their own healing and self-nurturing, in order to make this world a better place. 

We are Lightworkers. Dreamers.
Generally hopeful and Optimistic, but equally accepting of the whole spectrum of our emotions. 
We acknowledge the need to grieve, to let go, to rage. 
We cocoon ourselves when we need to; retreating to our cave or our nest of soft cushions, and when the timing is right we step right back into the arena - with the full support and encouragement of our beloved tribe of course.

We cheer one another on and we value support and being truly seen and truly heard.

We leave judgement at the door when we come together in our Patrons-Only Private Gatherings. 

We honour individuality and we hold space for one another rather than rushing to fix/solve/advise, because we understand that everything needs time and space to breathe. 

We all practice together the art of mutual support and nurturing feelings of safety and belonging, so that everyone who enters our shared spaces feels safe enough to take risks, to be honest in ways we are barely beginning to dare in the 'real world', and to step fully into our vulnerable places because we know that therein lies our healing.

And of course, we all appreciate the importance of play time and having fun :o)

Patreon Rewards include : : 

- An oracle card drawn every Monday to guide us into the week ahead, and to serve as our weekly theme.

- Regular sneak-peeks, behind-the-scenes videos and messages from me.

- Monthly Vision Page Sessions where I shall introduce you to my most favourite Processing, Dreaming, Envisioning & Manifesting tool : : Vision Pages. Over the months you will learn each of the different aspects, techniques, and ways in which I use this easy and enjoyable, powerful process.

APRIL ~ APRIL each year. 

We start from scratch with a blank book and watch our Inner Guidance come to life in the page in front of us. We begin in April by decorating the covers of our books!   You can jump in at any time though and have immediate access to the content.

- Monthly LIVE CCC Gatherings; 'Coffee, Chats & Creativity' where you can bring along your beverage of choice, sit back and listen to me ramble and watch me create, or you can work on your own thang right along with me. 

- Loyalty rewards in the form of surprise snail mail packages for various milestones/ anniversaries of patronage. 

- Life Coaching and EFT practices that I adore the most and can recommend for growth, healing and wellbeing.

- And this is only the beginning!

As I get to know you and your needs, and also the things which you enjoy the most, we can increase what you do love and decrease the rewards which aren't working so well for you.  This is a collaboration between you and I. 

Any questions, please do get in touch through Patreon. 

Alternatively, I am 'Angela Happy Heather' on Facebook and Instagram, and my Facebook Biz Page is 'Nomad Dreams'.   Website :

I cannot tell you how excited I am about Patreon and its ability to help me connect more thoroughly with those of you who love to follow my antics, and those of you who enjoy joining me on my nature walks, who enjoy my art, or the other things I create and share. This medium feels so incredibly in tune with how I want to serve this world and how I wish to connect with you all so much more deeply in a safer space than can be found on social media. I hope you feel the same way.  

I hope to see you on the other side! 

Angela    xxx   <3

7 of 200 patrons
When we reach 200 patrons, the property search begins! 

At that point, we have enough in the pot to cover rent, deposit, letting agent fees and the majority of utility bills for the 6 months minimum tenancy term.  

This means that a tenancy agreement can be obtained and you get to come along with me (virtually of course) while we view properties until we find our Heart Hub Home : : The Hub of my business, our Community Hub / The Heart of our community, the Nomad Dreams Creation Station, Art Studio, Workshop- and Retreat Space!  Oh my the fun we will have here - in person and online from this space. 

We might get to this point sooner thanks to income earned outside of Patreon, in which case I will let you know! And you can begin giving me your opinions on the places we visit together, and heck you can even search online yourselves and send me properties that you like the look of. You will be as involved as you'd like to be from the very beginning.

This is when it gets reeeally fun and you all get to have your opinion on the various options that *we* view together :o) 

The Virtual Hub now becomes a living breathing real life space; a physical place for folks to come together.  You Patrons will be invited to the official opening come house-warming party :o) 

You also will receive the first invitations to my physical in person retreats before anyone else has the opportunity - plus generous discounts on all of my retreats, live events and online programmes. <3 <3 <3 
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