Falconer02 is creating an Animation Series!

$1 /creation
Your name featured in the credits! You'll also get a little something right after you donate...

$5 /creation
As long as I have your email address, you'll receive a link to some funny blooper reels from past episodes. This will happen when the next episode is released!

$10 /creation
You'll get the custom tracks from Gaming with Gaylord along with all previous rewards.

$25 /creation
You shall receive some special Gaylord and Fart text/alert tones along with all previous rewards.

$50 /creation
THANK YOU! I'll answer a question of your choice in a future Q+A vid, and you'll receive a high quality digital copy of the entire series once it is fully completed!

$150 /creation
Your MC character will be seen in a future episode of TNA someway somehow (though this might take a while...)! I will obviously need your MC skin and username. If you wish to update it, let me know!