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Hello everyone! After some hesitation about taking funds for this writing, I have finally come around and been convinced to try it out by good friends who use Patreon for their work. Yesterday at dinner a friend who works in radio pointed out that ‘listener supported’ (or audience supported) media has a long honourable tradition, such as at NPR or public radio in many communities. That tipped me out of the hesitation I’d been having and into... today! Here is a patreon page whereby you can if you feel so called contribute in whatever way you wish to ongoing writing about Nurturance Culture.

People contribute to things they care about in many important ways; monetary contributions are just one kind of support. So this really is meant with open hands, in the most open of ways: if you would like to contribute five (or whatever you wish) a month towards supporting Nurturance Culture writing, please do as you wish. :)

Your funds will go towards more posts on the Nurturance Culture blog. It wlll also be put towards creating tools for people who want to put the concepts into practice, such as Compassionate Intervention trainings, and will support ongoing learning and collaboration.

Most of all, it will support more time for writing!

Please chip in whatever you wish to, and begin and end whenever you would like. I’m grateful to be able to do this work in the world. Thank you for your support!
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