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Hi all!

I’m Mike Ptak, and I go by the name Norsehound. Some of you may remember me from the old Homeworld community, or you may have seen my Map of the Homeworld Universe around on the internet. Others might know me from Deviantart, where my Axel series has drawn something of a crowd. For those who stumbled on this page, I’m a concept artist, writer, and graphic designer who spends a lot of time thinking of fictional worlds.

Why Patreon?
Right now freelancing is my only source of income. By backing me on patreon it means I can spend more time on these projects and less on making sure my expenses are covered. Essentially, if I get enough from Patreon, I can effectively art and design full-time on projects that are already well-received.

What to you gain for backing?
Occasionally I'll release special things like higher-res artwork or early access to game prototypes of the moment. Really, backing is if you wish to support my projects and make more things possible!

What are some of your long term projects?
Spanning from my days at Relicnews to the present, here are the current long-term projects I have on the burners:

  • Map of the Homeworld Universe: Version 3 is currently stopped, but it can continue! I can also complete revised system maps of Kharak and Hiigara!
  • Map of Kharak: This was another cartography effort I started but is also paused. DA watchers remember some 3D renderings of the capital city of Tiir. This is also a project I can advance towards completion for the Homeworld community!
  • Homeworld: Catalcysm 2nd: There’s much more to this than I posted on Relicnews back in the day. Advancing this project means I can work on things like a script, or revising the ship designs.
  • Homeworld: Clear Sky: This is another project started from Relicnews, but its only begun! Advancing this project means I can work on fleshing out the Kushan fleet, depicting what the Bentusi look like now, and maybe figuring out what the story is about!
  • Axel Battles: Spanning three generations, this combat robot series of mine has a lot of potential ahead of it. Want to see short stories? More Axel designs? Alternate color schemes and one-off models with their own descriptions? Advancing this can bring these things to light!
  • Star Frigate: Recently breaking the surface, Star frigate is a space adventure series like a cross between Forbidden Planet, Star Trek, and Johnny Quest.
  • Game Design Projects: There are a number of these I started on Boardgamegeek but did not finish. They include a Star-Trek Re-theme for Armada, a custom expansion for Villainous, and others!
3% complete
My first goal is a little lofty, but if I get there, it'll mean I can relax a little and focus on completing a major project.

  • Homeworld Map V3
    You know that spectacular Homeworld map? It's not done! If I hit $600 per month I can think about focusing on and releasing this in a completed state. It will be available for Crewmembers and up.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 91 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 91 exclusive posts

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