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You are an outstanding person. You are helping spread knowledge, and ultimately helping the greater good! I will put you in my Giveaways/Contests when I have one available.
Everyone in this tier gets one Ticket/Entry in the draw.
Imagine if only 5% of my subscribers did this, quickly move to new information and or projects with minimal barriers! I will Thank you for doing this!
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You are Five times more Outstanding! With your help I am much closer to my vision and for that I thank you. I make videos on topics you request if I have the required skill set. (I can't build a working space ship, yet.) Also you will have Five Tickets/Entries in my Giveaways/Contests!




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As you may already know, I create educational and entertaining prepping and survival videos on many projects and subjects.
I am hoping to help other avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I have made in the past.
I am not doing to the make money. I will use the patron funds to pay for my website, props and materials used in my videos.
In a perfect world I could quit my day job and just make videos frequent videos. However, I don't see that happening. Maybe when I retire but not at this moment in time. I have been fortunate to have many viewers and that has provided me with the opportunity to really grow my channel. However, every video needs tools and materials sometimes different equipment, most of the time I have the materials on hand or re-purpose some other project.
I like to ask for your support, so that I can prepare buy the required tools and equipment and materials. Your support would assist me by providing for the cost of materials/resources and tools that every project needs.
$0 of $100 per month
Right now my videos are Informational / intermittent comedy and outdoors/ survival based. The funds from Patron will be used to cover props, software, and materials. It would be nice to make some project then have a give-a-way. With patron funding that would be possible.
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