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About North Shore Horse Rescue

North Shore Horse Rescue's mission is to rescue and care for any unwanted horses including those that have been neglected, abused, abandoned or are at risk of going to slaughter. If the horse can be rehabilitated and adopted, we will find a loving, informed home for them. If suitable homes cannot be found, North Shore Horse Rescue has committed itself to allowing its’ permanent residents to live out their lives in a safe, stress-free environment.  

Our sanctuary has saved the lives of:
7 Dogs
10 Cats
16 Chickens
36 Horses
5 Mini Horses

INSTAGRAM {for daily updates}:

NSHR is a 501-c3 Accredited Non-Profit + Verified Sanctuary dedicated to saving the lives of unwanted + discarded horses providing a sanctuary and loving home for their remaining days.

Breaking tradition with “Getting” by emphasizing the power of “Giving” truly can make this holiday season something special. Selecting an animal shelter, rescue group, family or international aide group is a way of forging the meaningful practice of Giving for your family.

The end of 2017 is an important time for our rescue’s growth and history. Fifteen years of focus and determination have led us to this year’s exciting news and invitation. We are purchasing a farm in Calverton securing a forever home for the rescues, sanctuary horses, boarders, dogs, cats and chickens. This reward for our cause is literally 1.9 miles from our present location.

This year’s “ASK” invites you to become a yearly member of our rescue by signing onto our membership program supporting permanency. Your dollars will support such projects as farm relocation, barn building, building run-in sheds, fencing for paddocks, creation of communal stations such as the “Garden of Emotions”, “Pool of Reflections”, “The Cornerstone of Horse Sense” and “Canter Way – the path of Giving”.

We are developing a Membership based organization where as members we “Give back”. By appointment you and your family share private time together with our animals, in a retreat like setting providing another wonderful place to explore on the North Fork.
Spring of 2018 we look forward to welcoming members to our permanent home built by the support of our community of friends and donors. Each membership buys you a mini vacation spot each time you step into the world of the horse.

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