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is creating A cleaner environment to pass on to the next generation.
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Starfish are pretty awesome!  We really appreciate your support. These dives are expensive. Not only do the volunteers pay for their own fuel cost, their dive gear requires expensive maintenance, repairs, and replacement. 

You can either think of this $5 monthly commitment as a way to contribute gas money to the dive crew or simply a way of saying "thanks for your great work, have a beer on me!"  Either way, we are super thankful for your contribution. 

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Otters are just the coolest! 

The otter tier of patrons will receive a random mystery gift from me! On all of my dives, we always recovered really random things. My gift to a randomly selected patron monthly, is a gift that I promise will either amuse you or be quite the bonus!

For example, we have removed everything from functional cell phones and cameras, to vintage coke bottles that is either great for display or you can make a profit by putting it on eBay!

Would you like to be the recipient of a pair of Raybans, a GoPro, a vintage coke bottle, or perhaps a handful of fishing lures??  Gotta sign up to find out!




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About Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans

Hi, with your financial support, we will be able to continue our efforts on removing garbage from our waterways.  The money will go toward dive gear servicing and replacement, fuel to get to dive sites, and anything extra will be used for a BBQ at the dive site for the dive gang!

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