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About Nos Hyena

Hiya! Nos Hyena here! Welcome to my super secret Patreon page. :)

I'm a furry YouTube creator. I love to make fun, silly content that makes people smile, and learn more about furry/themselves.

Thanks to this amazing furry YouTube community, my channel recently hit 90,000 subscribers! Yay!

Why Patreon?

I love creating videos for you all. Fursuiting brings me so much joy, and performing for all of you through YouTube gives me a rush. It's seriously a high. I love interacting with you all, whether it's meeting you at cons, or responding to your comments online. :)

If you would like to help support my channel, that would be greatly appreciated! Your patronage will assist me towards creating more regular content and purchasing higher quality equipment.
You will also get to enjoy some really cool perks, which I shall explain below :)

As a thank you I will give you my immense gratitude and put your name on every video (amongst other perks). And Patreon is great because I get a much better cut than what YouTube would give me for the same donation. Which means I get to feel the full impact of your support. Yay!

Life As A Super Secret Patron

When you become a Super Secret Patron, you get to join a community of other fellow fans and get the first look at what I'm up to! Whenever I am working on a video or have a new idea my Super Secret Patrons are the first to know!

You will also get your name on the end of every video on my channel!

You will also get a NosCon e-badge with your name and patron number, that will look something like this!

You will get a first look at videos in progress, and behind the scenes footage! (I recently gave my patrons a 7 minute preview of a future video before anyone else!)

You'll also get to participate in Patron-only Q & A's where you can ask me stuff and I'll give you a response!

And the cool part is you can be part of all this for $1 a month! You can always pledge more like some of my super generous patrons, but $1 a month is all you need to be part of this cool secret club :D

So come join this secret society of Super Secret Patrons from all over the world, from places including Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada?!? You'll have a blast :D

Thank You

I would love to become a full-time creative, and your patronage would get me one step closer to realizing that dream :) I appreciate you so much for watching my channel, commenting, and sharing my videos - all of these things help my channel grow!

As this Patreon is in super secret mode, you will be one of my first supporters! Thank you so much for finding and reading this page, it shows you're a big supporter of my channel already ^^ I hope that you will consider becoming a Super Secret Patron!

<3 <3 <3
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