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Ladies and Gentlemen, The future fucking sucks.

If you're 35 or younger you know this all too well. We’ve gotten that adulthood we desperately clung to only to find that there wasn’t anything left at the table for us but a few bites of that french onion green bean casserole and a few sweet n low packets.

In short, we've been grifted, conned out of the adulthood seinfeld had clearly promised us. We've had childhoods filled with PlayStations, Entire people made from denim and 2 for 1 DVD rentals. We saw adults optimistic about the future, and couldn't wait to claim adulthood for ourselves.

Our parents told us we could be anything, and look at us now! We're all broke with no hope of owning a house, a college diploma is worth about as much as that soccer participation trophy I “won”.

Is it any wonder we look back so fondly? That we long for the simpler days where the most difficult decision was picking only one sugared cereal. You were free to make the occasional mistake without life altering consequences. This allowed us to dream of a brighter and better tomorrow, dreams that have since turned to nightmares.

We're not the first generation to feel nostalgia, but I think we might be the first to have it for not just our childhood, but other places and times. Part of this is born from circumstance and the other part is purely that to which we owe most of our lives, the internet.

The internet is the place we can step back, our own personal ride backwards, forwards or sideways. Remember that obscure thing no one else does? There's seven sites claiming to be the #1 fan site along with a compilation of every commercial they aired with or without an auto tuned dubstep remix! Nostalgia is a hell of a drug and it's a simple click away from us, offering us our desperately needed chance to remember the things we once had, cuz the future is freaking us the fuck out.

Despite this, I think it's kind of cool to admit that we are okay about being this fucked up. I used to be scared that other would find out I had ADD, Anxiety and Clinical Depression but it turns out, these are scout badges in our world not world ending secrets that somehow lay hidden in God’s “Burn Book”.

I'm one of you and I don't know any of you, but we share universal jokes and silently connect in the dark bedrooms and IKEA cardboard boxes we call “home”. We are everywhere and nowhere, connected deeper but feeling alone and hollow.

Excuses and hopelessness aside, I write today here and now, words in a void lousy with them in the hopes of claiming a little piece of sanity for myself. Thus, Nostalgia Nightmares was born, and kicking and screaming it looks into the face of its creator and demanding to know what the fuck it's purpose is.

Truth is, I'm not entirely sure myself, the only thing that I can truly say for certain is that we aren't a subscription box, restaurant chain or online university. the best way I can describe Nostalgia Nightmares is that it's a home. The only one I'll likely ever own.

A home for Podcats, Videos, and The Written Word.

A place where we collectively as a group of strangers connected by a series of tubes can listen to one random person and collectively know that not only are you better than me, I welcome your hatred like a playground dodge ball to the face.

So twist a squeeze-it and open a bag of crunch tators, cuz I'd like to take a walk through the abandoned shopping malls of our pasts and see if we can learn anything about this future we find ourselves stuck in.

Please send all Suggestions, Submissions And Vague Threats to: [email protected]

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