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About NostalgiaTree

I'm Daniel and I make pixel art! Usually there are trees and overgrown ruins involved. My dream is to one day make a game featuring the kind of pixel art environments I create! That's why I'm going to a game dev school this fall! With school taking up hours of my day I will probably have less time to do commissions and freelance work which is how I've been able to make money so far.

If you like my art and want to help me keep making it it you will have my deepest gratitude if you'd consider supporting me here!

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Thank you so much!!

For 1$ or more a month you'll get:

• Sketches and thumbnails

• Step-by-step images and WIPs

• Time-lapse videos

• Wallpaper versions of my pixel art pieces

• Pages from my sketchbook where I draw traditional art

• Any other behind-the-scenes type content I might post

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