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Paging Dr. Mario...

Hello and thank you so much for visiting and supporting Nostalgia Ward on Patreon! This project began as a subsidiary of  Nerdvana Media and has been gestating for quite some time. We're proud to finally announce the opening of the  Nostalgia Ward. We are committed to providing the best in retro, nostalgic and obscure content--complete with a tinge of humour--that will help you feed your inner geek/nerd.  We appreciate your support and want to thank you for joining us on this retro journey and we hope to hear from you often, with suggestions and feedback for The Ward!

Who We Are

Nostalgia Ward is the new project for two former, displaced media professionals looking to continue doing what we love. The modern media landscape no longer has a place for us, so we've decided to forge on ahead with Nostalgia Ward. Let's meet the team:

Cole Cantos is a writer, NES player, musician, graphic designer and audio/video specialist for the team. He spends way too much time painting miniatures and listening to his collection of Dr. Demento Shows. He's always been a Dungeon Master and never a Player Character.

Jinnetics is our editor, web designer, additional writer and one heck of a layout designer. He also runs the social media wing of Nostalgia Ward and is a steady supplier of ideas for content. He's a massive Star Wars fan.

You'll hear from both of us and we're always looking for contributors! It helps that we're both a bit crazy...

What We Do

We strive to provide the best content to satisfy your nostalgia needs and cure your retro blues. We're always open to feedback and suggestions and would love to create/curate content for our fans. We do a little bit of everything here in the Ward, including streaming NES gameplay and creating our own 8-bit, retro-style games. Look out for "Sword Cat's Revenge," Nostalgia Ward's first NES game, sometime next year.

Here's a short list of some of what we offer:

  • Features and articles on our website
  • Goofy voiceover audio and video
  • Original music, both rock and chiptune
  • NES game streaming and Nintendo related video content
  • Found radio and television commercials from VHS and cassette sources
  • Retro tech-inspired video content
  • Warhammer 40,000 painting tutorials and lore
  • Dungeons & Dragons audio, video, homebrew and written content
  • A Nostalgia Ward Podcast
  • An NES homebrew title, currently in development, entitle "Sword Cat's Revenge" 
  • And much, much more!

What Do We Want?

What does anyone want? Some coffee and doughnuts would be great. A fund for purchasing additional items we can cover in videos. A little bit of community engagement. Mostly, we want to share our passions with you and create something unique among the retro community. By supporting Nostalgia Ward, you're helping us do just that. We are eternally grateful.

Where Can We Be Found on the Internet?

We are quite easy to find online. You can contact us through Patreon or one of the links below, with feedback, suggestions, comments, etc.

Our Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

Nostalgia is weird. Nostalgia Ward is a podcast, video, gaming and web series that helps you remember the things you love with a mix of comedy, music and video. We also cover scale models, prop building and more! The channel is your one-stop shop for all your retro gaming, Dungeons & Dragons, interesting music and nostalgic video needs. So, hop on your hoverboard and ride the wave beam down into shark-infested waters. Join us on a trip down memory lane right into...the Nostalgia Ward. We have the cure for your retro blues!

$0 of $100 per month
With our first milestone goal, you can help us keep the lights on and pay for some coffee and doughnuts to keep us fueled up and ready to create! Creating content for Nostalgia Ward is a long, time-consuming process and we need your help! Funds from this Patreon will go toward maintaining web hosting, covering cloud costs, helping to purchase better video equipment, pay our contributors and cover some of our overhead production costs. For as little as $1 a month, you can help Nostalgia Ward grow and evolve into something spectacular!
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