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About Notso Entertaining Productions

We love to make games.
With just 2 of us this is difficult and takes a lot of time and we rely heavily on assets from the Unity store.
We have 3 games out (linked below) but we would love to make more compelling and immersive content but we need an artist to do this and profit sharing is not getting us talent. 
So here we are, asking for some help to get our games and visions out for everyone to enjoy.
Currently we are working on a few things.
My personal passion project is remaking EverQuest areas in VR to visit and explore (not playable, just an immersive experience).
Next we are remaking Zork, and using highest end graphics we can find to do the legendary game justice!
Finally we are working on an FPS. Writing a custom controller, then we will work on gameplay.

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Pyramid VR
Jurassic Escape VR

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