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We're Nuclear Strawberry! We spent 7 years making a huge, intense action game called Copy Kitty (main It's about a cat who can mix and match enemy powers, to make over 200 different weapons to blast evil robots with! But, we wanna do a lot more!

Our team is just two people, Azure and Raibys, and we're aiming to create more games, stories, and artwork of our fantastical world of magic and technology. By giving us a small monthly pledge, you're directly helping us make a living doing what we love – which is to make things that you love.

Our next game's called Sunfluffs! It's a relaxing exploration game starring Cleru, who can pull fruit out of any container but only if nobody can prove the fruit wasn't just already there to begin with. Throwing fruit at critters can make them follow you around, and help you find new items or areas!

Cleru comes from a rainbow city in the sky, but travels down to the surface to explore and to help people. Things can be pretty dangerous on the surface, especially at night, but that won't stop Cleru from spreading happiness and fruit!

This game's really early in development but we'll keep you all updated as we work on it more. Some screenshots will be posted on Azure's twitter, but a lot of it will be right here on Patreon.

By pledging $1 a month, you can see exclusive screenshots and videos as we work on Sunfluffs! All the money will go directly to covering living expenses, and help us make progress on the game much faster. The two of us aren't in the best living situation right now, so any bit of support is a huge help!

$229 of $500 per month
Tech upgrade! With $500 per month, we'll be able to upgrade our outdated computers. Right now, I can't play and record the game at the same time - so a new computer would make it MUCH easier to record videos. Expect lots of videos and gifs of our game!
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