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About O'MaraGames

Hello and welcome, I am Nathan O'Mara and this is O'MaraGames patreon page. We are all family here and all the money raised on this page will go to fund the channel and make it bigger and better.
The perks of becoming a Patreon:
Under $2.50: Supports the channel to grow and make better videos for you!

$2.50-$7.99:A shoutout at the start of each video! 

$8-$15: The first perk, an exclusive video on the channel playing your mario maker levels and entry into the patreon exclusive discord chat!

Above $15: The previous two perks, an exclusive video sent to you special patreons every single month(this will not be going on youtube).- this will include behind the scenes footage,vlogs, how i record my videos and me also playing more of your levels!

Above $30: I know this is a huge amount, so with this comes huge rewards- All the previous perks, 1on1 chat calls where we can discuss future ideas for the channel and you will have a say in what content the channel has, plus guaranteed entry into my head to head series, big prize tournaments which will be happening in the future, become a mod in my discord server and be able to call me during livestreams when we play games together!

Any one thinking about becoming a Patreon I sure hope you do as it will make the channel much better and we can continue to grow on youtube.
Thankyou :)

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