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        About Otaku Central

        About me
        Hey! Alex Fernandez, otherwise known as Otaku Central (OOCentral). I'm a blogger, small Youtuber, Fanfic writer and full-time student. I'm a young Canadian born lad, who has a dream to turn all his passions into a reality, into a career.

        The Otaku Central Brand
        I have a dream of one day becoming an entrepreneur, I have the ambition to grow my 'brand' Otaku Central, into my own business. Whether that be through Anime reviews. Whether it be writing articles on different Anime or writing books and/or stories, I want to grow this brand idea of Otaku Central. I want to turn a side of my life into something that I can truly be proud of.

        My links;
        Website: https://www.oocentral.ca
        FanFiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5329352/
        Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/OOCentral

        Why Patreon?
        With Adblock being apparent on the internet today, it makes it really hard for new creators when it comes to blogging; Youtube content creating and writing books/stories to turn their own passions into careers.

        I personally don't want that to be the case for me, I want to be able to turn all my passions into careers. A career that anyone can be proud of because they, through their own hard work has been able to turn their passion into a career. It's something I really want to do.

        Please do not donate to my Patreon if you don't have the means to! The last thing I want is for my supporters to go broke because they feel the need to support a creator. For people who would rather donate a one-off kind of deal, I also have a Paypal where you could pay me directly.


        To those who do subscribe to my Patreon, or donate through to my PayPal I am forever grateful. You definitely have made an impact in my life and I hope by giving back through my own means, I can return the gratitude that you have shown me.

        - OOCentral
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        We have received 1 dollar! Everyone always says we have to start somewhere. This precious 1 dollar is a step hopefully towards a bright and fun future!
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