Oscar Trejo is creating 3D Sculptures & Illustrations

Nobile - Noble

$1 /mo
Thanks so much for your interest for 1$ I will be sharing HD renders specially fitted for Mobile and PC wallpapers.

Plus you can suggest what should I create next.




Baron / Baroness

$3 /mo
Previous rewards plus renders HD  ready to be colored.


Recompensas anteriores y renders HD listos para colorear.

Viscount / Viscountess

$5 /mo
All the prevous rewards plus a ¨PSD with all the layers of the final images.


Recompensas anteriores y los archivos de photoshop con sus layers

Count / Countess

$10 /mo
Previous rewards, plus monthly digital goodies like tutorials, materials, 3D files from the sketches.


Recompensas anteriores ademas de tutoriales, materiales 3D, modelos 3D pa...