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Take me to the jungles of Kalmatta! The podcast and streaming is cool and all that, but I just want to bring hard-earned gains from the sweltering jungle back to SINDANORE!
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The Midlands is the place for me! Podcast and such is for lessor beings! I want to play Low Fantasy Gaming in the Midlands and I want to play it now!
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About Hobbs & Friends

I’m Jason Hobbs and I love TTRPG gaming. 

The point of this Patreon is bringing that love to as many people as I can and show them how amazing this corner of the hobby is. Thing is I can’t do it alone. That’s why I have my Friends of the OSR to help me spread the word. Even with them we still need more help, and that’s where you come in.

We’re currently putting out a bi-weekly podcast and streaming tons of games on TWITCH. The podcast lets people hear me and my friends talk about TTRPGs. The streaming lets us do open table games, traditional campaigns, one-shots, and charity games. With your patronage we can release podcasts more often and upgrade the stream (which is endless). We can also use some of those funds to help get the word out and let people know we exist.

So that’s the deal. Help me with your patronage and we spread the love of TTRPG gaming. Of course, for your patronage you’ll get shoutouts, the zine, some opportunities to play some OSR games, and other bonus and behind the scenes content. This isn’t a charity after all and we want to reward you for your help. Even if you decide to not become a patron come chat with me. I’d love to be your friend.
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The Hobbs & Friends of the OSR podcast goes from being a bi-weekly show to a weekly show. I changed this because it would take quite a bit for me to be able to do a weekly show on my own.
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