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About OSW Review

It's your boy, Jay Hunter! I've got one pitch, I wanna bring out more OSW more often!
That's it! Making OSW is my favourite thing in the world, and it kills me to tell you guys when episodes are delayed, and that in general OSW has become less frequent - and this is how I can make time! Creating episodes are a massive 1-man operation (aside from the recording session, everything OSW is done by me), and I love doing it. OSW is like another full-time job on top of my job, and with your help I'll be able to make more episodes more often, and pass the slavings onto you!

So we've set up NOGGER UNIVERSITY, which is our Patreon! Pledges will go straight back into making the show. It'll mean I can spend more time editing OSW and less time on not-OSW, as well as buying drinks for the lads/feeding OOC's Fabergé egg addiction.

Perks of enrolling at Nogger U:
(I need a way to thank anyone who pledges, and the only way I know how is to send you stuff in the mail and make extra videos!)
• Our eternal gratitude!
• Being personally responsible for getting new OSW episodes out quicker!
Your very own Nogger U card! Enroll/Sign up at any tier, I'll send you something in the mail, because you're a fucking legend!
EXCLOOSIV videos! At $5+ you'll get access to all of the NEW videos, including FILM REVIEWS! There'll also be cool stuff like deleted scenes from past episodes.
A WHAT BAR CHOCOLATE BAR! At $10+ I'll send you a What Bar Chocolate Bar in the mail (anywhere in the world!). It costs about a tenner to make and send so know that I love you!
• There's also offers including me reviewing any film for you, and sending you cool merch in the mail, have a look at the rewards to see if anything tickles your fancy (ooh-err!)

In any case, every OSW episode will remain FOC! free of charge, and every dorrah will help get out the next episode a little quicker. Any questions ask below and I'll compile a Q&A. Thanks for reading, and remember...

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Sweet! It took us 15 months to get our first 400 fans so this number is quite special to me. We'll share some exclusive digital artwork!
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