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About Oishi Meriflour

Hi my name is Isabella Stirling but I like to go by the same alias of "Oishi" or simply "Osh". I create nsfw animations, digital paintings and simple character portraits. Currently I am on a hiatus outside of patreon but I am 100% committed to bringing great content to my long-time supporters.
On my patreon page you will find many things!
Here are my future goals: 
  • Uploading one NSFW animation a week!
  • Comics of questionable content, featuring those who have consented to having their characters within the stories (and of course subscribed to the necessary tier).
  • Some slice of life comics. I have always wanted to pick my characters up and plot them down in a school, or university. A slice of life comic would be a great goal! But it is definitely more personal then to be bought! Just something to support~
  • Post some more sketch pages. These sketch pages are fun, they allow me to explore characters and their different sides~ ;3
I have studied animation and character design, I take pride in consistency and quality in my works! Thank you for supporting me, or simply taking your time to read my information and offers!

Thank you for all support I am excited.
Contact me!
Email: [email protected]
Furaffinity: o-ishi

Deviantart: o-ishi
Discord: Oshi#7880
Instagram: Oishiart
(Bold/Italic'd is my most efficient contact details.)
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