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Thanks for supporting my investigative reporting. Good reporting takes time, and by directly contributing to my work you can help me dig deeper, spend more time researching and give me the freedom pursue important but time-consuming projects.

"What will you do with the support?"

  • Dig for stories no one else is telling: In a shrinking media landscape, with little consistent funding allocated for investigative reporting, some of the most important stories can fall through the cracks. These stories can be time consuming to vet and report, and there are a lot of dead ends. Even important stories that I do report on, such as this investigation into a pattern of abusive behavior and sexual assault by an influential counseling school founder, can go far beyond the scope of the original assignment, and take many hours longer than intended. By making a contribution, you can help make sure that I have the time to do these stories justice.
  • Break more Bay Area news: For years I have been been at the scene of breaking news events in the Bay Area, sometimes on paying assignments, but often not: I publish photos, video and reports on TwitterFacebook and my blog. With independent funding, I pledge to more consistently report breaking news, with more frequent short updates on my own website covering police and crime, local government and public events.
  • Push for more transparency: When denied a public record, I rarely take no for an answer, and have brought important documents to light that no other reporter was pursuing. For years I pushed the Oakland Police Department to release officer body camera video of the fatal shooting of Demouria Hogg, and after I published it in the East Bay Express it was reported in news outlets around the world. The Oakland Police Department did not publish its daily blotter online until I successfully argued that it had been illegally withholding it from some reporters. Now it is publicly available. Such efforts are often paid little, if at all.
  • Provide more behind the scenes dispatches: Occasionally, the act of reporting itself can lead to some interesting stories, such as when I was arrested during a protest in San Francisco, or hit with a flash-bang grenade in Oakland during protests over the election of Donald Trump, which let to an internal affairs investigation. With independent funding, I'll finish and tell more of these stories.

"What kind of reporting will I be supporting?"

When you make your contribution, please let me know what you'd like to see more of! I would consider that valuable feedback when prioritizing future projects.

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