is creating gaming live streams and videos of both single and multi-player.

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You will be contacted by Oak and given the information to join any single OGR multi-player server you choose; to have fun with fellow OGR members you watch in the streams and vids. You will be able to play on the 24/7 multi-player server with no need to maintain your own server. You must own the game if you wish to join the server.




What you will find here for entertainment is live streams and recorded vids of games, tips, guides, reviews, and some fun times with single and multiplayer survival games like 7 Days To Die, MMOs like Guild Wars 2 and various games that I think you might enjoy.

About your support: Higher tiers of my Patreon will give you access to our private OGR community MP servers to game grief-free with fun, helpful, like-minded gamers of whom I can't speak highly enough after gaming with them for years. If you simply wish to donate that amount and not be involved with the servers, that will be fine, as well. Please note that I am just now getting OGR going again (as of today 12/24/2018) and the MP server won't be an instant perk when you click a button, but one I will contact you about when I see your support and inform you how to log in and play, if you own the game and wish to do so.

About me: I believe a living is earned by hard work. My work is now very limited as to what I can do, but I have and will always do it to the best of my ability. I believe it's good to help someone in need and have come to realize you can easily find yourself in the situation of needing help yourself. I have worked with my back my entire working life (since I was 16 years old in 1986) as a laborer, welder and then in the auto parts industry for the final 15 years I was able. My back decided it didn't want to cooperate anymore after years of a progressive spinal injury from when I was 18 and I have been forced to work from home as an author and very, very small IT company owner with limited visits to clients. An illness with my wife has had us in and out of the hospital the last 3 years. Living in the hospital together for almost all of 2016, then 4 months of rehab afterwards. In and out of the hospital about a dozen times more since. My IT company client list dried up to 2 clients as I was not able to visit several clients due to my family commitments. I started the OGR community back in 2014 to bring together like-minded gamers and have been creating content as a side job and enjoyment for the last 4 years, as time permitted. I deleted nearly 700 videos earlier this year to get a fresh start after a long absence of over a year. My wife and I have now been separated by 700 miles by health and fate, with many hopes of her coming home after assisted recovery. I am trying to bring in an honest income in any way I can to have a life for us with my current disabilities, including my back and PTSD. I have been gaming since 1975 with the original Pong box and have never stopped. That is what drove me to a computer career in 1993, with my love for writing simply following suite with the wonderful tools given to me by the personal computer.

About OGR and thanks: I created the OGR community years ago, but the members made it what it has become today. If you enjoy the content and choose to support OGR through Patreon, know that you are truly helping a family worth while; my family personally and a family of gamers. If you don't enjoy the content, most certainly put your money to better use. Whether you choose to support me or not, I wish you and yours the very best in all things you come up against in life and joy in the moments you have to savor when life is smooth sailing. -Oak
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When I reach 250 patrons, I will have the ability to produce live streams every weekday and focus a much larger portion of my time on the OGR public content of special game streams, vids, multi-player game server dedication and viewer interraction.
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