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The Obed Ministry website was created to post sermons relating to the signs Jesus has told the world about (Mat. 24:32-33) and put them all here on this website for you to discover and to discern for yourself. Everything can be found written clearly in the Bible about these times that we live in today. We advise everyone to study the scriptures daily, so you can make your own judgment and interpretation about the things that we speak of on this website. We hope you will make the right decision to follow and accept Jesus Christ as your only Saviour and give your heart to Him before time runs out. Time is soon approaching for the second coming of our Lords return. From all of the events taking place you will need to know where you stand spiritually. (Mat. 25:1-13) Our faith is being tested everyday to see if we will pass the life trials to allow us to have eternal life as promised by Jesus (Mat. 22:14). We hope by making this website, that we can help guide at least one soul with what we teach from the Holy Bible, to the path that Christ wants us to follow.

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