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About Patrick M McCormick


First of all, thanks for stopping by.

I have spent most of my adult life contemplating areas where modern science and spirituality overlap. I believe the Truth about Reality and the Nature of Life live within that place where both fields of study merge.

The things I write about here came to me in meditative visions or as insights that immediately followed meditation. I embellished some of them with my own logic. I left others as I found them. It did not happen all at once. It happened over the course of my lifetime… about 50 years so far.

Those meditative insights led me to investigate cases of reincarnation. I became a believer in the early 1970’s. For the record, I am not affiliated with any structured form of belief, recognized religion or philosophy. Furthermore, I believe we are all free to follow our own beliefs while we explore the agony and ecstasy of “Life” ... and do so without fear of punishment after our bodies die.

Many scientific marvels have been created since the year of my birth: 1944. I grew up in an age of rapid technological development. Science was one of my favorite subjects in school. My interest in science also led to my love of science fiction. I was always more interested in future possibilities than the history of past developments.

Once I began meditating, I discovered that by contemplating scientific advancements or spiritual phenomena before meditation, I could trigger the flow of short insights and form assumptions based on them.

By contemplating the basic elements of Reality, I received the insights and images I used to write "The Second Key" which is an in depth presentation of my thoughts on this "Reality."

Some of my latest insights came while I focused on the physics of the cosmos… a subject where I have no formal degree. Still, the logic of my assumptions flows evenly and comes to an understandable conclusion. Other thoughts are about spirituality, some are combinations of both.

Sometimes I write fiction, but I do that simply for the fun of it. On my serious side, I am a dedicated Spiritualist.

OK, so why am I here? I'm an old guy, 74, and I don't have much zip left. However, I came to a place where I had to decide if I was just going to write about Spirituality and our relationship to this "Reality" or if I was actually going to create The Observers as a functioning facet of it. I decided to take the more serious path... and try to create The Observer's, LLC, as a force for change... positive change.

Although we are all Spiritual Beings, we have a profound connection to the Earth. It is our home while we explore the Physical Plane. It is our school, our nursery and our playground…. And this planet has been injured. It needs much more than a Band-Aid to fix it.

While we were incarnating here, learning about Good and Evil, Love and Hate, Creation and Destruction, War… and Peace, we forgot to maintain our physical home and the ecosystem that supports our activity. Now we have a new mission… Fix It… or else!

I'm a firm believer in the right to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" but protecting the environment and pursuing beneficial technological advancements are also important to me. Personally, I believe that it is selfish to only work toward Spiritual Development and ignore the fact that we are responsible for the maintenance of this “Reality” as well. We are here to learn… learning how to live responsibly is part of it.

Because I know we all have a purpose... a reason for coming to Earth at this time, I felt I needed to attract a group of like-minded individuals and, with them, plant the seeds for change and help them grow. That’s part of what “The Awakening” is all about.

Yes, our Spiritual development is important. Enlightenment is our one true goal. But we all have a Spiritual connection to this planet, and I do not believe an Enlightened Being would fail to maintain it properly. If I view the Planet Earth as our school, I can see we are all failing miserably. Enlightenment is still out of reach for all of us.

I have a plan. Like all plans, it requires financing. I am going to begin by selling my own work along with Observer Hats, T's, and Bumper Stickers. That's the reason I’m posting my work at PATREON.

This may be the beginning, but I need some extra help. I’ve been paying the bills out of my own pocket, and I don't have enough in my pockets to do it much longer.

I’m only asking for a commitment of three or four dollars a month. Think about what’s a stake.

Patrick M McCormick

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