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Welcome to my Patreon page.
(Pay Upfront is enabled.)

Chapter 6: Released

The 1$ game version can be found here (0.5)



First of all english isn't my first language. It isn't even my second.
Please show consideration and kindly point out mistakes to me.

I'll always try to improve myself.

WARNING: This game does not contain stupid people or unrealistic situations. Example: (Oh no, I got an erection. You have to help me get rid of the pressure. It hurts so much!)

This game includes NTR. You can disable it at the beginning of the game.

Site Structure:

1. About me
2 About the game (Spoiler)
3. About the game (No spoiler)
4. Voting Polls


Soo.. Why did I decide to create my own Adult Game?
Well there are many reasons.

I have played a lot of Adult Games. There were many good ones, but also many bad ones.
I also thought "I could do that better". But whether is better in the end should be decided by each individual.

I often had the problem that some games didn't cover enough fetishes.
I want to change that.
And you can help me with that.
(See "Voting Polls" down below)

So I always had a few great storys in my mind but there was one problem. I had no art.
After a while, I found Daz 3D and so I began to create images. I didn't learn it, I just went for it.
The images in my game are the first ones I've created. Some of them may have a few flaws, but it gets better with every new render/update. (And old ones which I don't like, are going to get replaced by better ones in future updates.)

At first, I thought it will be a pain in the ass to create an Adult game. But to my surprise, it was a lot of fun. I was able to live out my creativity. And I love it.

I wasn't actually planning on creating a Patreon page. Because I like what I'm doing and I don't need to get paid. Besides, there are many devs who are milking their patreons. 
They got a whole team (At least that's what they say) behind the game and still there is only one update every few months. 
But then I realized something.. Without Patreon I won't be able to pay the electricity bill. It takes up to 6 hours to render one picture and My computer renders 20 hours a day.
A new pc would change that of course, but I can't afford one. (I am a student.) 

And this is why I made this page. 
If people really like my game they can support me here.
You can also directly influence the development here.
If enough people support me, I'll buy a new PC just for rendering.
I'd really like to do animations too.


(WARNING SPOILER) Go to (Spoiler ends here for superficial informations)

Where it all began is a first person Visual Novel Adult Game.
It all started with a phone call. 

Someone needs your help. It is about your father. He is behaving strangely. You promise to come by. After a memorable night with your girlfriend Miru, you set off together with her to your old hometown. When you arrive there, you realize that it is much more serious.
You learn that your mother had a traffic accident. And since then, she hasn't spoken a word. You decide for a longer stay, against the will of your girlfriend. 


Where it all began is a first person Visual Novel Adult Game.
This game will have several main acts and numerous minor acts that will have a huge impact on the outcome. 
Decisions made in this game are significant!
Even small decisions can have a huge impact. Choose wisely. Or someone might get impregnated.


Every month or two I will start a survey. Every supporter can suggest a fetish. The most suggested fetishes will be included in a special survey. Certain supporters can then vote.

- Ocean

$1,375.51 of $2,000 per month
  • I acquired a second PC. Thank you! 
    Even though I now have a high-end GPU, I still run into the VRam limit. 
    The goal is to acquire 2 Ampere Titan GPUs. This + the NvLink would solve this problem forever. This will especially be useful in Blender.
  • I have to make sure that I don't run into debt by buying these cards. 

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