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Greetings, internet!

This is Jack Albert, founder of the independent film studio, Odd Rex Studios. I'm here to talk about the latest project from that studio – Quiet Storm.

is Quiet Storm?

Quiet Storm is a serialized drama about a group of common people who unintentionally get caught in the middle of a small-town, organized crime war.

Launch Trailer

This episode was truly a collaborative effort, made possible by many talented groups and organizations – like Stone Creek Coffee, Grace Place Coffee, Wisconsin Lutheran College – as well as individuals and creatives, such as  DJ HolmesJustin BeckerBG Sports ShowWhat's the Score?Gaelic Storm, and even Patreon's very own founders, Pomplamoose!

Why back it?

While the Pilot episode came together nicely, with very little funding, there's absolutely room for improvement.

For one, I had a really small crew to work with. It was a Frankenstein's monster of a production, getting help from friends, family, and anyone we could grab to help us. Thankfully, my closest family and friends helped me pull it off.

The Pilot was a huge step up in production value for Odd Rex Studios, but there are technical frustrations I had throughout it. This is why we need to have more of a budget to pull together better episodes.

We have a more refined crew assembled now – they have been helping me launch this Patreon campaign! And they are going to help produce this next season. I've also accumulated some more equipment (we actually have a portable light, now)! Everything is receiving a step-up, so we are asking the audience to step up and help us as well.

You know why we need your support – but why would you want to help us?

First and foremost, there is no other dramatic work in which you can form a truly personal relationship with the creative team. Social media has allowed that, in part, for everyone. But crowdfunding strengthens the bond even further. Perks like exclusive, early access to material and an open dialogue between fans and creators is something you will not get through other services and series. It's also incredibly cheap: Starting at $2, you will be able to view all of the episodes – even if you only give once. Beyond that, you can own the DRM-free files by paying $25 once. This is an incredibly competitive deal, not counting all of the behind-the-scenes perks you will get. Lastly, you have the unique opportunity to be a part of history. Crowd-funded drama, to this scale and effort in this format, is unprecedented. Take this journey with us, and we can all look back with satisfaction, having made a remarkable impact. 

Our budget – which in large part goes towards paying the cast and crew for their time and effort – is about $1,000 per episode. We're planning to produce anywhere between 5 and 10 total episodes for the first season (that includes the Pilot). That's our goal. We're ready to take it there.

Are you?

Who are you, and who makes up Odd Rex Studios?

...yeah, you should probably know who the guy is that's been talking to you, right? 

The name's Jack – Jack Albert. I'm a fiercely passionate filmmaker who loves to learn and lives to serve. Currently, I do freelance video production for individuals and business, but I'm always working on narrative projects on the side. Having produced, written, and directed three short films (Beat, Hallowed Ground, I Am Scourge), my passion and drive to continue working in film is unparalleled. In short: I just want to make cool stuff with everyone!

I believe there has never been a force more liberating for artists than crowdfunding (money where my mouth is:  my Twitter feed and my Kickstarter Profile). What better way to connect the creators to their audience than have their audience lend them a hand? In return, the audience gets the work of art they want, and the artist doesn't have to go through political machinations and financial struggles to get it to them – it is, hands down, a win-win.

It is my firm, personal belief that you shouldn't have to pay large fees to see content you want, especially with digital distribution – for a couple bucks, you can see the entire series, no matter how many episodes, or how many seasons, it ends up being.

Here are some of the other beautiful faces to our Cast and Crew (allow them introduce themselves in their own, unique ways):


Megan Jacobs (Gabe)

"I have known Jack for a number of years, having met him while I studied English and Theatre at Wisconsin Lutheran College. As a director, he is incredibly inspiring, understanding, creative, and open to collaboration, and as a friend he is supportive, empathetic, and motivating. So naturally, when he told me about this fantastic project I wanted nothing more than to be a part of it. I have had an affinity for acting ever since I was small, and Jack has been there to support me as I have worked with companies such as Milwaukee Entertainment Group, Theater Unchained, Memories Dinner Theater, as well as been there for my personal projects as I have slowly began to blossom as a director and writer. I have been a part of many different film projects (many of them have been Jack's!) and I am overwhelmed with gratitude that Jack even considered me for the role of Gabe (the role was originally written as a male role (Editor: True Story), let alone give me the chance to become the character. I cannot wait to see where this project can go, and I look forward to the continued collaboration with Jack in this project and in his countless others that are yet to come."

Charlie Hohenstein (Tom)

Charlie Hohenstein originally hales from Milwaukee, but spent most of his formative years in the rolling countryside of Southwestern Minnesota. After high school, he went back to the Milwaukee area and eventually enrolled in classes at Wisconsin Lutheran College. There he found his way into the study of film and production where he met the writer, director, and producer of Quiet Storm, Jack Albert, along with much of the other talent in the show. Charlie always had a wild imagination and crazy dreams of what might come. He has some good artistic talent including a good eye for detail and composition. He is interested in the process of making films and television, but feels much more comfortable behind the viewfinder of his old Minolta X-375 35mm SLR or his Canon T5i taking pictures of old industrial buildings or intriguing automobiles. While acting has always interested him, Charlie has never acted in a stage production. He didn't get a taste of real acting until he took a few acting classes in college. He has built sets, setup lighting, and been in the pit orchestra, but learning lines has always scared him off of the limelight. Film, however, seemed to be a better fit, and now he's gone from a comic relief (in "The Return," 2015) to a main role (in Quiet Storm). He is very grateful for the opportunity given him by the director to be able to have a role with such as Tom, and can't wait to keep making more episodes!

Baxter Colburn (Jacob)

Baxter Colburn is a Broadcast Journalist and lover of all things sports and wine. During his time working on Quiet Storm, it allowed him to develop friendships and laugh with some of the best in the business. The future is bright for Odd Rex Studios and Quiet Storm is just the beginning of this journey for Jack Albert and company.

Brittany Peterson (Cynthia)

Brittany started out in theater before moving to on-screen. From roles such as Anna in "The King and I" to Brooke in "Noises Off", she has enjoyed portraying a variety of characters. Her transition into video began with playing the reoccurring character Izzi on the web series "Leaving Eden". Brittany also appeared in Salty Earth Pictures’ feature film, "The Return". In Quiet Storm, Brittany has the unique role of Cynthia. Her newest venture was writing, producing, directing, editing, and acting in her own short film, "Dark Roast", which was an official selection of the 2015 Milwaukee Short Film Festival. When not working at her job as a Production Specialist at Channel 4, Brittany loves antiquing, trying new restaurants, and working out.

Eric Pichardo (Jeff)

"Born and raised in Milwaukee, I grew up a cinephile, loving movies and admiring actors of various genres. I became involved with the project after meeting and becoming good friends with Jack in screenwriting class. Sharing a common love of crime stories with gritty realism, I just had to be a part of this amazing project, especially with Jack and this project being his creation. I look forward to bringing more stories to life and future collaborations and honing my craft as an actor."

Josh Scheibe (Hidden Character)

Josh Scheibe is a Milwaukee-based actor, writer, singer, and podcast personality. He has found success in a wide range of stage performances, including roles in The Hound of the Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes), The Taming of the Shrew (Petruchio), The Miser (Harpagon), and A Christmas Carol (Marley), for which he received local critical acclaim. He also originated the roles in Lovers and the Like (Gerry Holmes), Canary Yellow (George Marx), and aMUSEd (Sebastian).

Josh has also appeared on screen, most notably in Salty Earth Pictures' The Return (Wretch), and in Odd Rex Studios’ I Am Scourge (Richard) and Hallowed Ground (Dylan).
His first play, Shakespeare in Hell, was performed at Wisconsin Lutheran College as part of their 10-Minute Original Play Showcase, and garnered a Best Actor award for the actor playing Will, Abednego Samudera (coincidentally, one of the leads in ORS' first short film, Beat).
Most recently, Josh became Game Master of the weekly podcast What's the Score? The Sports News Quiz.

Daniel Hafenstein (Composer)

"I started to take an interest in composing when I was around 14 years old. At the time, I didn't really know what pitches, chords, or anything like that was. I was a drummer, in the simplest sense, and only knew rhythm. Yet I can remember having an ear for pitches. I was involved in choir and could just “hear” what notes I had to sing. I finally decided in college that I wanted to be a composer. I had a lot of ideas, and a lot of creativity, and I wanted to create. I am influenced today by many genres including rock, metal, country, classical, film, jazz, choral, and wind ensemble.

Percussion is still my first and greatest love, but of course in each situation I write for, my wide listening spectrum helps influence my music and enrich it. I would say that some of my bigger influences and current composer fascinations are John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Gustav Holst, Mozart (always), Paul Hindemith, Eric Whitacre, Ola Gjeilo, Frank Ticheli; the list could go on and on. I really have different interests that come and go at different times, but I feel that all these different interests add to my unique style and musical personality. "

Samuel Wallace (Unit Production Manager)

"Greetings! Samuel Wallace here, and this is a small snippet of who I am and what I do behind the scenes of Quiet Storm! In my opinion, one of my greatest strengths is the ability to be able to take an entire process or project and break it down into its smallest individual components and analyze each part from all sides. Whether this includes helping select various scene locations, contacting actors and forwarding them their individual, personalized information for different roles, or calculating the cost of all variables, I am blessed to work alongside an outstanding team. Through this effort, I am serving in the role of Production Manager and doing my best to allow the actors and director to focus on the big things while I am able to handle the small, detailed items on the side. I greatly enjoy planning, organizing, and facilitating projects of all shape and size and am looking forward to more tasks in the future!"

Sam Wiepking (Master Boom Operator, Sound Design)

"Greetings, I'm the other Sam (Editor: similar names, similar openings? Hmm).
(The shady one that doesn't talk much.)
I met Jack by rooming with him freshman year,
and we eventually discovered a shared penchant for philosophical discussion.
Jack figured we ought to start a podcast, so we did,
and a number of would-be studio members joined in.
Also, I worked in the AV department at our school,
where I briefly got to tell Jack and Danny what to do,
until they got themselves promoted, as they do ( Editor: All true).
I am currently, more or less, the boom mic guy on the QS set,
as well as carrier-of-things, criticizer-of-scripts, and disapproving-glance-caster.
Not really sure why they keep me around,
but hey, it's a living.
Well, not really."

Stephanee Mannisto (Producer, Ever-Present Assistant)

"I am very new to the film industry as this is my first project ever I have been involved in. With a minor theatrical background, I loved learning the basic ropes of behind the scenes, mostly because I enjoy watching my main squeeze, Jack Albert, (Editor: Verified) in his element. After seeing Jack's passion for film, I couldn't help but want to get heavily involved in this newfound interest. I currently am student teaching for second graders and hope to become a special educator."

Audrey Oppermann (Digital Marketing Specialist)

Hello! My name is Audrey, and I am very excited to work with the Quiet Storm series behind the scenes as the digital marketing specialist. I met Jack in college and greatly enjoyed working with him on various projects. He is a proficient writer, a creative thinker, and an overall great person. I know his hard work and dedication to Quiet Storm will produce exceptional content.

There are many experiences and opportunities that have shaped me into the professional I am today. I have interned for Marcus Promotions/Footlights.com (assisting with web content management) and for Wisconsin Lutheran High School (assisting with an annual auction fundraiser).

I became further immersed in digital marketing when I took on the role of “Social Media Editor” for the Sword, an independent student newspaper at my college. I also ran an acoustic concert series throughout my time in college.

After graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran College, I transitioned to a full time role at Hal Leonard Corporation, the world’s largest print music publisher. I currently work there in a Marketing/Event Coordinator role.

I am passionate about marketing communication and the arts, and I look forward to working more behind the scenes on the Quiet Storm series!


...And many, many others who are not mentioned here (some of whose handiwork you may or may not have seen/heard, such as Joel Wolfrath, Connor Christensen, Alex Randazzo, and Grant Coppersmith).

How can we help?

Most direct way to help us: Backing us here will help tremendously – any amount helps!

Alternatively, if you would prefer to donate over Paypal, click here.

Just remember that pledges you make on here are per Episode. However, we are not going to dump all of the episodes on you at once. If we did that you could potentially have to pay out double, triple, or more of what you pledged for one video. We will make sure to give you a fair warning before your pledge will be charged, so that the pledges per episode are not compounded. But remember – You can limit/cap the amount you pledge to us on any given month.

But the simplest way to help: Spread the word! Send them to this page, send emails, tweets, talk about it over lunch with some friends. Also, feel free to share the trailer, to help garner interest!

The time it takes to click a few buttons, and a few dollars from you.  Time and Money are the two things we're asking for – and not that much of either one, honestly.


What – A Drama Series on the Web.
Why – Personal Relationship with Creators of a Unique Story.
Who – Odd Rex Studiosand all collaborators.
How – Put a few dollars down, or just spread the word!

Even shorter version: If you want to be a part of something really cool, pledge or share our campaign!

One-Time Pledge Rewards:
  • Series Streaming – $2 or more
  • Season Download – $25 or more
  • Signed Posters – $500 or more
  • ORS T-shirts, BTS Photo Book – $1,000 or more
  • Series EP, Google Hangout, BTS documentary – $10,000  or more

Recurring Rewards are all other listed rewards.

Please Note:
- Pledges are per Episode
- We will not dump all of the episodes on you at once
- You can limit/cap the amount you give to us
- Expect between 5-10 total episodes, including the Pilot, for the first season.

If we receive enough funding, we plan to start releasing the Next Episodes
in December of 2017/January of 2018.

Thanks everyone – Let's make this happen!

And remember: Big things have happened, Big things will continue to happen!

$32 of $200 per Episode
Vimeo Hosting:

This allows us to host the videos on a professional, devliverable website with great reach and potential.
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