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Thank you for your earnest support. Please note that donating even this small amount will go along way in helping me to support myself. If you have donated this amount, please feel satisfied that you have done your part. For your earnest support, your name will henceforth be credited at the end of every article, as a simple thanks to you and other willing patrons. 

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For your continued support, you will now again access to my 'Critical Curiosities' feed. This will be comprised of smaller think pieces critiquing film and television that I think did not make the cut for a full article. They will be around 400 words in length, with one being released per month. Each post will be released in the final week of every month. 

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For your continued support, you will now gain access to my patrons-only discord server. I will be hosting it on specific dates which will be displayed in advance on the announcements channel.  You can come there to chat with me and your fellow patrons about film, television, anime, manga etc. You can also ask me questions about articles, or any future plans that I have for this Patreon. 




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About OfHolyLance


Hi there, my name is OfHolyLance, and I am currently writing critiques for film and television on Medium, a publishing platform for creatives such as myself. I have already written some comprehensive critiques for the site, the most recent of which is my review for a show named Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, which is an article that I highly recommend as a sample of my work. I can easily say it is the article possessing of the highest quality in my portfolio, and thus it is the best gauge for whether or not my work will be to your liking. It is linked below (p.s. you don't need to read the whole thing, just enough to sample my work):


So, if the work above is to your liking, let us get down to business! I plan to write many more articles in the future, but to do that, of course, I need your support. I plan to make writing critiques for film and television my job, so if this sounds like an endeavor you would wish to support, read on, and we will get into the nitty-gritty details down below (in a Q/A format)!

So, what kind of articles will you be writing?

I'll be writing comprehensive critiques primarily for film and television. However, it is important to understand how broadly I mean these two terms, in that I will be covering the variety of media that falls under these two categories, and not just the most recognizable (such as HBO or AMC shows, for example). For instance, in regards to television, I plan to cover Japanese anime and their hand-drawn counterparts in manga. I have already written two articles covering respective works in both mediums. I also plan to occasionally cover more modern mediums like video games. 

I think it is important to note here, and you may have already guessed, that my goal is to purposefully cover more obscure works. I think covering popular works is a less fruitful endeavor, as I think that you have to have a unique opinion on them in order to meaningfully contribute to the wider discourse, which I often don't. Furthermore, I want to shine a spotlight on the works that don't get the credit or recognition I feel they deserve.

However, please don't get the wrong idea, as I still want to cover mainstream works (I just wrote an article on Disney's Frozen after all). I am just simply letting you know that they will not be the primary focus for my critique. 

How do I access your articles?

Simply go to my Medium profile with the link below:


It is important to note that while Medium has a paid membership, you don't need to be a paying member to access my work. All articles will be FREE to read at any time, and will be publicly available. You do not have to be a Medium member or Patreon patron in order to access my work. Enjoy!

So, how will the business side of this work?

Let us get down to the nitty-gritty of my business. My articles will be divided into two categories: short editorials and essays. Editorials will be around 1000 words, whereas essays will be around 3000 - 5000 words. The former will be a short think-piece on a single aspect of a film or show. The latter will be a comprehensive review of a film or show. To put it in laymen's terms, an essay will be worth two short editorials. I will be alternating between these two categories every week for the sake of variety. 

I'll be writing a minimum of one article per month (one essay), which will increase depending on the meeting of successive financial parameters, to a maximum of four articles per month (consisting of two essays and two short editorials). The financial parameters are as follows:

  1. At $0 to $145, I will be writing one article per month (one essay)
  2. At $145 to $290, I will be writing two articles per month (one essay + one editorial)
  3. At $290 to $435, I will be writing three articles per month (two essays + one editorial)
  4. At $435 to $580, I will be writing four articles per month (two essays + two editorials) 
Please note that these financial parameters are subject to change.

Do I have to become a patron to support you?

No, no, and no once again! Your patronage is entirely your decision. Honestly, just getting some more eyeballs on more work is patronage enough, as I am currently not pulling much of an audience. Simply reading my articles, responding to them and sharing them with your friends are all ways you can support me without spending a dime. On top of that, Medium has a system called 'claps' (similar to YouTube's likes), and if you enjoyed an article, giving it a couple of claps can really help me get a foot in the door (you can give me up to 50 claps per article). 

As I stated previously, I will be writing a minimum of one article per month, regardless of the amount that's donated. So, whether you donate in money or in time, you will still be getting something out of your investment. With that being said, I still need to make a living from this endeavor, so if you want me to write more than one article per month, I will need some willing patrons. 

So, if I do become a patron, what exactly will my money be going towards?

As I said previously, I plan to make this endeavor my job one day, and so I simply think of the monthly patronage as the wage or hourly rate of said job. I feel it is important to be upfront and honest with patrons, which is why I must say that almost none of the funds will go directly into writing the articles themselves. None of my articles will require research materials; none of them are meant to be academic, and none are meant to require any sources beyond my own head. All of my articles will be opinion pieces, whether it is my opinion on a film, show, or a specific aspect of either, and I only need my intuition as a writer to provide such. All funds will thus be going towards necessary living expenses. 

Why the name OfHolyLance?

I'm currently working on an epic fantasy series as a side project. My favorite character from that work takes the lance as her sigil, so I take it for my brand name, as I personally take great pride in writing her character. 


So, if you're still here, allow me to say thank you. Even if you have not become a patron, I am glad you took the time out of your day to look at my patreon, and potentially become part of the readership for my articles. Either way, whether you have become a patron or not, I sincerely thank you for joining me on this journey. 

Kind regards, 

- OfHolyLance
$9 of $580 per month
When I reach this financial goal, I will start writing the maximum of four articles per week, that being two essays + two editorials (if you want specifics, please see this Patreon's about section). Please bear in mind that this financial goal is subject to change, as these earnings still don't break the minimum wage in my country of residence, Australia. I plan to increase this goal as this Patreon gains more support. 
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