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About Of Horse

What is Of Horse?

Of Horse is a podcast examining the Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman. Each week, hosts Conrad Zimmerman, Elodie Cunningham and Jake Spencer dissect the show, episode by episode, discussing the themes, characters and storytelling that make up this brilliant series.

Where can I listen to it?

Of Horse is available on iTunes, Google Play, and lots of other places you get podcasts. You can also listen to episodes posted here to the Patreon.

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Who are these people?

Conrad Zimmerman is a writer, producer, and podcaster with a decade of regrettable life choices in the field. He is the co-creator of cult comedy podcasts The Dismal Jesters and FistShark Marketing, as well as games industry interview series Sup, Holmes?. In addition to Of Horse, Conrad can also be heard skewering video game based films on The Spin-Off Doctors. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and cats.

Elodie Cunningham is a prolific podcaster, musician, and Gunganwatcher (look it up) from the UK. When she isn’t producing YouTube videos or shows for her podcast network, PodHaven, she enjoys sleeping, petting cats and petting cats while sleeping. Her favourite animal is the aardwolf and her favourite colour is lavender.

Jake Spencer is that little voice in your head that tells you right from left. As good-looking as he is handsome, Jake is admired by all. Kingly traits aside, Jake is just a really great guy who likes to, like, have fun, and stuff like that, you know? Enough about Jake, though, how is everything going with you?

A Word From You, Our Sponsors

What's the surest sign of success in any podcast? That's right—dedicated air time for intrusive advertisements!

Rather than promoting real goods and services from actual brands, we're making up our own products and pitches based on suggestions from you, our patrons. Adjectives, verbs, nouns. Go proper or get improper. Feed us the fruits of your fertile minds.

Each month, we'll reach out to all of our $5+ patrons asking them to contribute a word or words to the game (you may, of course, opt out and we won't bug you). We'll put them together into fun, collaborative word game goodness, read them on the show, and credit the participants for their contributions.

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