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Hey, you can call yourself a patron of the arts now. Contribute whatever you find comfortable and get access to everything I create. You get to see all the weird behind the scenes writing I do, including short stories, The Old Lands, and whatever other weirdness I decide to put up here. The Novel Corsairs (name is a work in progress) is free for everyone, but you get to see everything else.

Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me. 




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I am Matthew I. Wanner or Matt to most. Either is fine, really. I write speculative fiction, primarily fantasy, and some general fiction. I am currently working on a fantasy novel and I maintain a blog where I write about stuff including books and misc I find important.

This Patreon is a work in progress. Expect changes as I get a feel for the community, feedback, and learn from my many, many mistakes. Life isn't static, so don't expect this to be either. For now, the following is the basic idea. 

There are no tiers.

Already I’m lying to you, but we’ll get to that. Here’s the thing, I have a habit of overcommitting and being too ambitious. When I first started this Patreon, I was very ambitious with my tiers and the quantity of material that I could reliably produce. The fact is that I can only do a couple things at a time with any reliability right now. That will change over time, but for now, contribute what you feel comfortable with. It all helps, and I’m glad to have it. If it were possible, I’d do my work for free, but I have bills to pay and medical problems; if my writing isn’t paying for them, something else is, which takes time away from this, the work I should be doing. I don’t want half of the work to only be available to a handful of people that can afford to support me more. If things become more stable, I may implement tiers again, but anything extra is just that, a small bonus and token of my appreciation.

I know you’re looking at me funny right now because there are two tiers. The second tier is something that I’ve set up to give people the option to have me look at their manuscripts. Sign up for it for a month or more, and I’ll give feedback on any manuscript under ten thousand words long. I do this for my friends quite a bit, but it’s also time consuming, hence the price tag attached. If you have a significantly smaller manuscript, then feel free to message me, and maybe we can work something out. I’m a pretty flexible guy. This includes looking at several rewrites if you wish and some one on one discussion and advice, not just a manuscript with a whole lot of red text on it. I am straightforward and honest about what I see when I do this. It’s your manuscript, I want it to be the best you can do. I ain’t fuckin’ writing it for you.

I’m personally a lot more comfortable with this approach than trying to figure out what to do with tiers and trying to find the time to work on the extras for them. It enables me to produce more and higher quality content and experiment with additional content without worrying about how my Patreon tiers factor into it. If you find this disappointing, I apologize, but if you stick with me, I think you’ll see the method to my madness.

So what the shit do I do?

Excellent question my foul-mouthed imaginary friend. I am a writer first and foremost. I am working on a fantasy novel about an old man that’s lived in a cursed valley for most of his life as a hunter and trapper whose simple existence is disturbed by a company of soldiers and the burning of his home. There are giants, secret magics, irritable ghosts, and lots of stabby-stabby. I am also writing a blog where I discuss things I find important, books, and what’s going on with me. There are many other side projects I’m working on and hope to be bringing here, to my patrons first before they see the light of day elsewhere.

In fact, it might be helpful to think of my Patreon as a kind of workshop, like your grandfathers, if you had one like mine. It’s full of half made and half-finished things, some simple, some wild and beyond you, but even among the clutter, the craftsman knows where his tools are and what each aborted creation is. He may not finish everything he starts, but he finishes the important things. Well, here you can watch me build my creations, see them start as rough and unsightly and slowly take shape into what they’re supposed to be. You can also walk around and touch all the fantastical and mundane creations that never were and maybe get some insight into how they were supposed to work and never did. That's the idea anyway.

As I work through the novel and other projects, I’m going to be here, showing each step of the process and available to answer questions about it. I can talk all day about writing and art; I look forward to interesting conversations, and maybe both of us learning some things.


I have a variety of health and financial problems that can cause my output to be a little erratic, however, rough draft chapters come out roughly every two weeks and the blog is updated roughly once a week. I usually aim for Wednesday for my releases. There’s no particular reason; I just like it to be Wednesday. Other projects get shoved out the door once they’re ready.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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