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Who am I?
My name is Chris, I am a hodgepodge of creative products and will attempt anything at least once. Right now my main creations are digital art, photography and various digital creations for my Youtube channel. 

A Patreon Explanation:

As stated I enjoy creating everything, so when I'm not at work I'm spending my time and money going out to doing as such. Any donation would just help me be able to better my crafts and get new tools to try new things.

I don't aim to use this as full-time income so at most I am only asking for $10 a month, but obviously, any help is much appreciated. 

Where your money goes:

All the amazing people who help me out will have to know that anything that is given goes to help me offset how much I have to work full time.
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Thank you, $1 may not be much but that's a step closer to sustainability. 

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New friends
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Every little bit helps more then you'll know. This tier is for those who enjoy my work and wish to see me make more of it over time 

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Helpful, trust me
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Same as previous tier

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$0 of $10 per month
I live on a shoe string budget so Whataburger is my "I'm doing good" gift to myself. It is damn tasty
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