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Even small amounts create huge changes. This is for those who would like to support and let me know you're there.

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Things are growing! To thank you for the support, you will get the perks of the lower tier, and once a month will offer for people to nominate a finance topic they want to hear about, then vote on a topic for a future video. 



About Offbeat Bloom

Offbeat Bloom is a production based around helping build and expand a community of learners, with a special emphasis on financial literacy.

This project is a series about financial literacy and education. The first episode already exists and is about was about making a personal budget.

I'm creating this Patreon to help finance this project's equipment, improvement and time.

So what does the patreon fund exactly? well at least one longer form deep dive video (close the personal budget video in length) each month with at least one video a week of current event/news discussions.
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A smart goal is a reasonable goal. If we get 10 patrons here I'll do a video chat with everyone just to celebrate. If at least 5 of those are voting patrons, the nominations will commense.
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