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About Oh No! Lit Class

Oh, hello, I didn't see you there. No, no, come in, sit down. Would you like a drink? Well, I'm sorry this is a website so I can't do that, but I wish I could. Go get a drink and pretend I gave it to you.

Where are you? Why, the Patreon for Oh No! Lit Class, of course! We (that would be Megan and RJ) love tickling your eardrums with our mouth-sounds about classic novels, plays, poetry, dubious financial advice, and weird sex jokes and we super duper love you weirdos that love our show and give us your support!

I feel like I just said "love" way too many times there. Oh well. So here's the thing: we love making this show (wait, no, I said "love" again) but it takes a crazy long time, between researching, writing, recording, editing, promoting, and telling RJ to Take That Out of His Mouth That's Not Food, we spend more time on this show than we do on our jobs that pay us actual real money.

And this is way more fun than our jobs anyway, so we want to make it even better! And also feed ourselves and our cat! Our cat Hungers and we fear him. So we won't beat around the bush: your money can help us buy things to both make the show better to listen to and also keep us from being devoured by our cat.

But we ain't about giving something for nothing! Financin' with RJ would call that a bad investment and so if you choose to be the best person ever oh my gosh, you can rest assured you will get Cool Stuff in return. Because you're cool, and we're cool. We're all so dang cool.

Thank you so much for putting up with us and helping us continue to fill our corner of the podsphere with literary nonsense. We love you. Don't make it weird, just accept it.

-Megan and RJ
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