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Cool Kids get access to regular updates on how WTTFZ:M2, CoS and Date or Die are developing! Also, you can call yourself a Cool Kid in public and if anyone argues with you, just send them my way. I'll set 'em right.

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About Christa Isobel Lee

Hi there. I'm Christa Isobel Lee. I'm a non-binary transfemme multimedia artist. You may know me best from my Twitter account, where I post a ridiculous amount of nonsense. Sometimes there's a little insight on art, politics, music and video games sprinkled in there, too. You may also know me from my three Vaporwave albums as "ショッピングワールドjp," including one split LP with SAINT PEPSI! You may also know me from my 2016 SEGA tribute album, Welcome to the Fantasy Zone.

However you know me, I'm really glad you're here. I made this Patreon to help fund my ability to focus more on my work as a composer and as a content creator in general. Here's some of what I've got lined up for 2018:

1) Composing the score to Date or Die!
2) Composing the score to Christine Love's Get in the Car, Loser!
3) Welcome to the Fantasy Zone: Model 2, a 1990s-centric followup LP to the original album.
4) Small, interactive projects of an experimental nature!
5) Additionally, as someone who maintains a pescatarian diet, I end up cooking a lot of my own food! I'd like to begin sharing recipes here on a bimonthly basis, if folks are interested!

So! That's a lot of stuff! Wow! "How can I support all of this fantastic content??" Well, hypothetical reader, donating at various levels can net you everything from supplementary CoS playlists to previews of WTTFZ tracks to just a nice simple chat with your ol' pal Christa. I work full-time as a composer and content creator, and this Patreon represents the most stable, reliable source of income I have. Without it, something as simple as paying rent becomes an impossibility without a day job, which would prevent me from making all of the aforementioned stuff!

Thank you so much for your help, and I hope you enjoy the weird things I try to make and the unfortunate tweets I cannot help but make.
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At this level, my monthly rent at my current home will be fully covered!
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