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Hi, I'm Omowale. My 11-year-old daughter asked me what I did for a living recently. She's a bit confused because I'm always working with people and her Mom talks about my politics and my connections.

I'm an organizer of 20+ years. I organize events to advance the socio-political climate for poor and working class Black people, much like myself. I am the founder and curator of Black VegFest. But I also organized tons of other events over the years.

My events often focus on community, food, fitness and art. They all center on activism. Without activism conversations about justice cease to happen and it literally results into less Freedom--which is never to be taken for granted! Art, food and fitness centered themes make people care. Although, I'm not an artist I love art and I am not a chef but I love to cook I curate bringing the best to those in the community. It doesn't matter who it reaches. All people and animals can feel it. And that's super important because justice branches out.

Oh, and I'm vegan. Ha!

Black VegFest Organizer
Champion boxer and kickboxer
USA Boxing Coach certified
Certified in Plant-based Nutrition
MaRLI Research Scholar
Author of "An Introduction to Veganism and Agricultural Globalism"
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I aiming to have 25 patrons in support of me and my work in 2019 so I can continue doing more for the community. I know struggle. I want to get to know sustainable productivity. If you appreciate what I do and know some or most of my work over the years help push me forward. Thank you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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