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About Open up Podcast

Im Lachlan Samuel, founder of Open up and host of the Open Up podcast.

After going through my partners attempted suicide, my own battle with depression & my own attempted suicide, I started this Podcast to help people like me. People who were suffering in silence. People who felt alone, misunderstood and burdensome.

I've done this for over a year, in my spare time, for FREE, because I love it. I love changing lives and helping others. Thats what open up is about, Making Mental Health Mainstream, so that everyone has the opportunity to live the life they deserve.

As of August 2019 we begin production level filming of interviews, as well as creating and facilitating workshops. Your contributions will go directly to our education officer who creates & facilitates our workshops, and to our videographer who films and edits our interviews. This will allow us to interview more guests, create more content, reach more people & change more lives.

The ultimate goal is to make enough from Patreon, so that we can both, film our Mental Health Workshops, to release as FREE online courses, as well as interviewing the most influential people in the world, in turn reaching more people who need it.  

With Love,
Lachlan Samuel (founder, host, human)

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