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is creating NCAA/Madden, Dynasty/Franchise on the PS2

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About Optimus Cline

I am a YouTuber who tries to create a realistic football world for my viewers. By completely editing rosters in NCAA Football 2003/2004 with all the real names and importing those draft classes into my Madden 2003/2004 Franchises.

I also get my Subscribers involved by doing a Subscriber Dynasty! Currently we have an all FCS Dynasty in NCAA Football 2006 where I control 12 schools with subscriber players on them! Each subscriber will also have a chance at being drafted into a custom pro league "Elite Football League EFL" in Madden 2006!

I'm also a Husband, Father of 4 (2 Girls, 2 Boys). We also have an English Bulldog named Ridley who is nothing but fat rolls. As well as the coolest cat in the world, Reese.

I work hard every day to provide for my family so that my kids can have things I never had as a child. I try to balance work, family, and my YouTube videos the best I can and I am grateful for all the viewers I have. It's crazy to think 820+ people around the world take time out of their day to watch and listen to my videos. I appreciate every one of them.
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