Evan Curtis is creating Stop Motion Animation

$1 /creation
Hurray and thanks for your support! Access to updates and news feed postings. Access to a special place in my heart!

$5 /creation
If you're a film student or lover of stop motion and toys - this reward is for you. I'll email you a scholarly 17-page essay about the relationship between toy art, playing with toys, and creating ...

$10 /creation
Get the script and early access to preview the film while it's touring festivals (if you don't want to wait a year before it's released online).

$20 /creation
Get your name in the credits of Snowdysseus! (Soon to be released online - touring festivals now)

$25 /creation
A Making-Of Book (PDF) of my previous films Snowdysseus (touring festivals now), Chief Serenbe (SXSW), and Scrivener (National Film Board of Review Award Winner). The mini book will include behind ...

$50 /creation
A PDF Making-Of-Book for the most current film I release and a personalized Ore Magi Films post-card emailed to you! (Actual post-cards are given out at screenings - here's your chance to receive a...

$75 /creation
Ask Me Anything Video Response regarding your question about my previous films or future projects! Plus all previous rewards (except movie credit).

$100 /creation
Get your name in the credits on my next film!

$150 /creation
Happy Birthday! Are you into Upcycling? Receive a gift box from yours truly... Gift Box will include: Ore Magi Films postcard with a hand-written personalized message, a mysterious gift (could be...

$3,000 /creation
Pitch me YOUR idea and I'll make it into a short 1-2 minute stop motion animation! You can post it online, submit it to festivals, do whatever you want with it!