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About Oshan Jarow

Hello! I'm Oshan Jarow.

I write essays and produce podcast conversations that bring contemplative practice and cultural theory into the same discourse - one concerned with new economic, philosophic, and social ideas for how we might live in the 21st century.

In all these areas, I'm drawn to the kind of radicalism that stretches the collective imagination for what is possible. Whether in writing or conversation, I'm looking to engage ideas and thinkers that inspire existential creativity.

I'm spinning this all into a hyperlinked network of ideas, composed of my essayspodcastsnewsletter, Twitter threads, and forthcoming website "idea garden" pages, to help make sense of where we are, and where we might go.

If you find any value or nourishment in my work, I'm asking for support so I can give more time to creating these networks of content, invest in their quality, and ramp-up both the explorations and the output. If you consider supporting me, thank you.

Conversations about consciousness, culture, & how we might live in the 21st century.

The podcast is a place for stirring up a kind of radical realism, a playful but pragmatic exploration of the questions & possibilities regarding how we might live in an infinitely rich & complex 21st century. It's for conversations with humans trying to make sense of the world, and our brief blinks of wakefulness, in existentially creative, vitalizing, imaginative ways.  

But I'm interested in specifics, like what tax policies might help transition us from the capitalism we know, towards a more vibrant (post)capitalist society? What can those of us do who can't influence policy? What meditation techniques suit the 21st century? How can we design our built environment - urban/interior design, architecture - to interact with consciousness in more wholesome ways? My question is basically philosophy's old chestnut: as startlingly self-aware humans embedded within a culture of our own ongoing creation, and bamboozled by the bare facts our own presence, how might we live? 

Essays are how I began making sense of myself; the genesis of my delightful confusion. I have writing on a few media platforms, like Ribbonfarm and The Side View. But I primarily write and publish to my own website, MusingMind.org

Often, I write about  capitalismconsciousness, or meditation. Other times, I write about vending machines and biodiversity

If I manage to find support, I have two further projects I'd like to build.

  1. Hypertext Idea Gardens. I don't think we've even begun digging into the new forms made available through hypertext and digital ideation. I'd like to build a sort of library, but more like a rhizomatic garden, where I can plant all the seeds of information & ideas I come across in their relevant plots - each garden governed by a particular question, like: "What is Post-Capitalism?", or "Why Meditate?".

    These gardens would grow as I grow, each new seed a hyperlink to some morsel of interesting information somewhere out in the inter-verse. As they scale, they might become gardens interesting enough for others to wander & explore, especially if they share the same questions the gardens are built around.

  2. The Prudence Project. This would really require some funding, but I have a pipe dream of putting together filmed conversations between experts, like conversational Ted Talks, where they disagree about some culturally relevant question, like Basic Income. Minimally moderated, and with a real-time fact checker, their purpose would be the unimaginable: understand each other as human beings, find common ground, and move from there to uncover where it is they disagree, and why. As spectators to two experts in their fields fleshing out a thorny but relevant question, we'd all benefit.

If you are considering supporting me as a Patron, thank you. The more support I receive, the more I can shift my time from day-jobs to putting these podcasts, essays, idea-gardens, and whatever else out into the world.
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