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About Oshan Jarow

Hello! I'm Oshan Jarow.

I write essays, host & produce the Musing Mind Podcast, & am working on building the Library of Economic Possibility. My work brings together discourses about consciousness & economics. That may be a strange mixture, but I believe it's very potent, & long overdue.

At the moment, I'm an independent researcher in these areas. This means I pour significant time & money into these projects, but receive no income from doing so. Hence, this Patreon page. If you find value in my work, & have the financial means, you can think of becoming a Patreon supporter as crowdfunding a research grant that enables me to both produce more podcasts and essays, and also level up the quality of these projects.

I'd like to reiterate that: a lot of Patreon pages incentivize you by offering all sorts of Patron-only content. I do offer some Patron-only perks, like private channels in the Discord community, preliminary discussions about the work of incoming podcast guests, etc. But I don't focus on these perks, & you might be disappointed if that's what you're looking for. Patreon support is an investment in the production of future work. It's you saying "I'd like more of this to exist."

I think cross-pollinating ideas between consciousness studies & economic systems/policy is massively important, fertile terrain. But I'm not aware of any traditional employment path that would empower me to do that. Therefore, this Patreon is an experiment to see if I can forge my own platform, large enough that I can continue doing this work, full-time.

If you find value in any of my work, & are considering supporting me, thank you. There's lots to do, & with your support, I'd love nothing more than to get to work.
If you're interested, here's a little more information about my projects.

The Musing Mind Podcast

The podcast explores the frontiers of consciousness studies, economic theory and policy, and philosophy in the 21st century. Topics include:

  • Economics: capitalism & post-capitalism, high-leverage economic policies, theory & history
  • Consciousness: meditation, psychedelics, philosophy of mind, cognitive neuroscience
  • Philosophy: social philosophy, phenomenology, existentialism, & general questions of how to live in a time of accelerating weirdness & possibility

The podcast is among my projects that has the most to gain from Patreon support. I research, record, edit, & distribute the podcast on my own. The various softwares I need cost money, & the research takes time. With Patreon support, I could invest in better software, even a real audio engineer, & justify taking more time to research guests.


My essays range from narrative nonfiction, philosophy, to economic policy guides. I've published on a few outside platforms, like Ribbonfarm, & The Side View. But I mostly publish to my own website, musingmind.org
A few representative essays:

Acid Capitalism: combines social philosophy, some neuroscience of psychedelics, and policy writing to explore the ways in which economic systems have psychedelic effects, what kinds of psychedelic effects our particular system has on general patterns of consciousness, and how a few key economic interventions could change the ways that our economy modulates consciousness.

A Guide to Universal Basic Income: a policy 'long' that provides a pretty comprehensive guide to the complex landscape of debate around UBI.

To Annie Dillard's Astonishment: an incomplete study of Annie Dillard's life & work, my favorite writer. Her style is singular, astonishing, and infectious.

On Shrimp & Mystery: a short piece about the curious & cruel fate of shrimp who live around hydrothermal vents in the deep ocean.

Projects in the Pipeline.

My other main project is the Library of Economic Possibility, though this Patreon is not for that. If you're interested in supporting that project, you can visit the website directly.
But if the crowdfunded research grant this Patreon affords were to become sizable enough, I have a number of simmering projects I'd love to give more attention & resources. These are mostly around creating digital platforms that help curate, connect, & empower knowledge at the intersection of consciousness studies & economics. But I'll talk more about this if the Patreon heads in that direction.

Until then, thanks for being here. If you find value in my work but aren't interested or able to support it financially, you can leave a rating & review of the podcast on Apple Podcasts, join my newsletter, or just share my work on social media, which helps brings others to the platform.

Here we go!
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This gets the gears moving a little, helps cover basic podcast equipment, hosting, & software costs, & nudges the podcast towards at least not *losing* me money to sustain. 
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