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The usual Otachan video is trimmed down from a 20/30min studio session between Yusef and Otachan.  A lot of jokes and ideas get left on the cutting room floor by the time the final product is ready and all Patreon's at this level will get access to these goofy behind the scenes sessions every month.

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Due to the crazy demand we have opened up this Tier! It will give you access to the episodes earlier like the original tier but excludes the credit perk. (500+ credits would get a little too much! We hope you understand)  

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Otachan respects the dedication on this tier! Therefore Patrons at this level will receive exclusive access to the episodes 2 days earlier than YouTube!  

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Hello I’m Yusef also known as OtakuVs.

Yes, you read that correctly. This was not part of the game plan when I formed OtakuVs some 4 years ago but unfortunately things have changed.

The Short Version: Friendship ended with YouTube Ad Revenue, Patreon is our best friend now.

The Long Version: YouTube has demonetised the entire channel. Which means no money. From YouTube. Ever.

Their reasoning behind this career destroying move? Reuse of content. For those that are familiar with some of our work, we are for the most part an animated show. So something clearly went wrong on YouTube's part. With the average episode taking 90+ Hours to complete and round the clock work to maintain an upload schedule that meets the platforms algorithm demands, YouTube’s decision to demonetise us really felt like the final blow.

So like anyone who has had their entirely livelihood unfairly taken away from them, we decided to pack up shop and quit..

After a lot of discussion and some awkward crying in the shower, we’ve figured out how to make this work. Our first step was to make this Patreon the most rewarding it can be for you guys. 
so we did.

We wanted to give you something physical that has real style and real passion that's why every 2 Months we will ship out to you a Reward Package containing either a Hoodie, Sweater or two T-Shirts designed by us and inspired by the latest in Asian Street Wear.

In the past YouTube ad revenue would fund everything but unfortunately that avenue is no longer available to us. Patreon is now our only source of income. And Patreon scares us. 

We love our show and we love our fans but we’ve never wanted to put ourselves in a position where we needed to ask for help, what can I say like our purple haired host, we’re proud. But we have no other option; if we can raise $3000 a month we can go full time and really show YouTube that Team OtakuVs doesn’t die easily. If not we will keep going for as long as we can but it will be tough.

Having said all this, it was never about the money (even though we’ve just asked for money, whoops). It’s always been about the work, putting in the hours to make what you guys love and we want to keep doing that. Patreon will allow us to do that.

We decided who needs to pay rent, we’ll put the money right back into the channel. Which means if we hit our goal we work on OtakuVs full time. Which means more content, more quality, more animation.


With the power of a very talented studio we’ve befriended, we can finally turn Otachan into the real life anime girl she deserves to be, she just needs all your money love and support.

But to conclude all this, we never forget that we are here today because of two things: you guys and the work. So no matter what happens, whether you can donate or not.

$10,000 - reached! per month
Team OtakuVs is now an Anime...sorta
OKAY. NOW. Now we're playing with power. With this money the studio can work on fully animated episodes of The Otachan Show. The dream is real. Otachan can stand up from her desk.   
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